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Paradise Seeds Blog

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    • PedwarUrgain
      Day 14 from Seed - Two week old and they're still alive!    More growth overnight. Their third set of leaves are all coming out now. Nothing else is happening really, but they seem happy enough.   Day 14 from seed:
    • Megumin
      Artic always did do great  fans and thermal paste for pc builds :]   If i needed a reliable fan i would look on the largest online shopping site and look at reviews, quite often people say what they used them for and how long their last fan lasted before they had to buy a new one.
    • Dinafem-Mark
      @Exile420 Very nice my friend    Thanks for sharing mate. Next winner's early January    All the best    Mark..
    • Dinafem-Mark
      @beezee @jadenugs I agree boy's. I think with the pot noodle challenge. It maybe best to keep this as an indoor competition. Outdoor it would be crazy complicated    Look out in the new year boy's. This should be a bit of community fun    All the best    Mark..