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Paradise Seeds Blog

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    • Aphatspliff
      Hopefully find a keeper amongst my 6 disco girls, if so I’ll be running that. Also got plenty of interesting subbie beans I can’t wait to get cracking with -   Silver AK x Animal Stomper GG4 mix (gg4 x super orange glue and cherry posh if I’ve remembered correctly!?) Marmalade x Cherry Posh OG Big up the breeders who donated these, I’m sorry my memories too shite to remember who you are   Also have a few UGORG offerings if I get the time!   Oh and a pack of Real Gorilla’s Fast Diesel to chuck outdoors somewhere. Not done it for a few years so be interesting what these turn out like    Aphat 
    • magik1953
      Have a look at Mephisto genetics mate.     
    • Elephant Face
      Get a tick twister. Best tool for quick easy removal.  I usually get them off alive with it.          How long did you have it attached before you removed the tick?
    • vortex
      ive made bread in the past .... nothing special  just  either white or granary  ...  LOVE  the looks of that nutella loaf ....  i did make an apple and guiness loaf   years ago   ate the lot while it was still warm with an ex  girlfriend  ...  smothered in butter  whilst hot ....      "  the bread ... not the ex   " you cant beat bread  hot out the oven  with real butter ... and the whole house smells bloody lovely too ... better than any air freshner you can buy ....