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Paradise Seeds Blog

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    • Sasquatch
      They didn't cut the blocks they cast them, they're a sort of concrete. Check out the work of Michel Barsoum, an industrial chemist who has done really good YouTube videos, which I may have posted here before. There are blocks with shuttering marks on them,they don't have the same composition as the local limestone but do match a local clay soil with concrete friendly properties.
    • StevieRays
      I have only ever used Rhino and mountain air filters but with them I can 100% say that there is no smell comes from the grow at all. I vent into a different room and have had all sorts of people come through during various stages of grows, had plumbers, paramedics, call out doctors walk through the room its vented to. Just make sure you have a controller to turn the fan down a bit when someone comes in or the noise will give it away.    Go for the biggest fan and filter you can fit in the space.   When you set it up, make sure to double check all duct connections to make sure they are tight and check the ducting for holes, this is an easy part to overlook and leave you thinking the filter is fucked.
    • blackpoolbouncer
      Ready for the chop bud. They looked perfectly cooked. Nice job mate
    • Trophycliippf
      Hey All,   Hopefully this picture shows you all how advanced these plants are.  I know the general rule of thumb about amber hairs indicating how ready a plant it for crop, but these seem to be taking ages.   I haven't got the exact dates of when they should be ready, but I was hoping to see what people thought?  Are they ready for crop, or do I wait for the plant to die off more?   Pretty much all my other auto grows have died off in the same manner - Amber Hairs are 80% and the leaves have all but gone yellow.