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Paradise Seeds Blog

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    • Billy2Hats
    • Subliminal Criminal
      I have an alcove w120 X d50 X h180   I want to get a tent for mums / drying maybe as couple of autos in Coco.   Can anyone recommend a tent for this size
    • smokie1 b c f c
      well im smoking some mokums tulip buds after a few weeks cure,no nannas at all, and i have a great gelato leaning pheno, that hums of pure fruit jelly, with a fruity/ hashy flavor to die for,the buzz is very moreish, and a great warm body high from these girls. puts a smile on my face,so great for depression.i have to take diazepam daily for anxiety and this stuff makes me feel real good, just like uk blues does for me, or a good blueberry cheese from back in the early 2000's  this stuff aint gonna last long.   so i have a stardawg leaning girl, and a gelato leaning girl. plus a nice sherberty girl scout cookie out of the 3 x mokums tulips. i am revegging the gelato and the sherberty cookies phenos for future mum's/ runs. for its easy to growness, and its top end product, full of flavors, i give it a 9 out of 10 for smoke/ growth/ buzz/ flavor. if only they yielded bigger buds, they would be a 10/10 then, i may cross them in the future to something bigger flowering.    il run a diary on them once revegged in here. the remaining meringue girl is smelling very sweet, and has that cookie look to her, she is only a small girl, hope she smokes somthing like the wedding cake, from what ive seen the cake grows stacked calxs, real swollen like, and this girl is just starting to do that now shes at about week 8 of 12/12. she is the last to come down from this small, crappy grow, but il be back soon in this thread, with pics and a proper run of these tasty girls from dutch passion. 
    • craigfjyp
      its a 64 bit version i have, when i was going into system info it was saying i had 8gb of ram but only 4 was usable, after i changed the settings its saying i have 7.90 gb usable now. its made a difference like, my laptop's running a lot faster.