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Paradise Seeds Blog

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    • tokenroll
      @diyled uk is anyone you know off running them yet?. Toke...
    • Pau176
      Thanks mate. My seeds still ain’t popped after 24 hours. The temp in my boiler room is high 20’s and the paper towels are nice, warm & moist. I’m hoping the little beans crack overnight.   You better you get used to that picture because Wolves are on the up big time ;-)
    • Barry Quest
      @Breezus Lights are on 24h, air temps between 21-25°C. Root temps kept at around 22-23°C by tube heater underneath pots controlled by thermostat with probe.    @H + H2O Felt the humidifier was necessary as RH was around 40% most of the time and the plants looked like they had transpiration stress. I'd happily go without if it's not too much of a worry. Condensation is generally a problem in the house in the wee hours of the morning before the central heating comes on. Need to get a data logger to find out exactly when it spikes.    A 20cm pot would be 4l, right? I was hoping to finish in 6.5l minimum as I'd be hand-watering and can only do so once a day. Would be nice to have room in there for a prop too...   I'm not totally averse to increasing plant numbers - reducing veg time and pot size, but as I currently work 50+ hours in my day job I'm trying to make things a bit easier for myself whilst maximizing yield.         
    • Sep
      Afternoon all, complete first time grower here. Gonna attempt a stealth grow before to long with leds, a grow tent, fan and filter. Fingers crossed