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    • Punk#1
      I used to always wash my plastic pots as soon as I bought them just to be on the safe side, should I keep my same routine for brand new fabric pots?
    • brock1
      Yes mate these are fems. No need to worry about sex if you get a male your the first from 1000's grown. 
    • Erbman T
      Good to see some of the Whitey Freeze cuttings have started to veg again after the reveg period from the early plant out    These are at my spot from last year. Cause hardly any direct sunlight reaches floor level here they don’t really dry out and need watering, tho as the plants get taller they do make it up to more direct sun light    There are x3 Whitey Freeze, x2 Tropicana Poison and x1 Red Mandarine (All cuts)    I visit here very rarely 
    • Military Grade