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    • Chick0ndipper
      I love a good scotch egg. Not one for making my own. Not at the moment anyway. 
        Just tried MnS scotch eggs. They had some different flavours, coronation chicken (outside is chicken instead of pork), chorizo one and another one. 
        just warned the coronation chicken one up in the oven as instructed. Came out nice and crispy on outside and yolk was syrupy!. Delicious! can’t wait to try the others.
    • Larry Badgeley
      I am having a chat with a mate Stateside who is convinced England will do well in the world cup. I thought I would copy the last mail I sent him. He constantly refers to the game as "Soccer" so it just goes to show what he knows?     Ok Rick sorry about The Yankee dig.  I was quite surprised at the times that the games are on. I assume it's because of the heat. All times GMT standard time (UK time)   21 November No Hopers v Iran 13:00. USA v Wales 19.00 which I guess would be 14.00 ish USA EST?   As I work from home I could watch the first England game should I be bothered. I also would cheer for Spain as it is my all time favourite Country. However, even though the Spanish League has 2 of the world's most successful club sides, internationally they aren't much cop. Belgium would be my pick to do well.   As I have mentioned many times before, if you go out to play trying not to lose as opposed to winning, then any team could beat the hapless English. We have no intention of playing attacking football. Just look where Harry "Over rated" Kane plays. He starts off in the opposition half and very quickly meanders down to left back and we are left with no one up front. Predictable, dull and no direction, and he's the main striker for Cliffs sake! The only reason we did well in the last World Cup and the Euros was that we bored the opposition into submission.    Needless to say the build up will be never-ending and we will see the side practising penalties because that's the ONLY way we will put the ball into the opposition's net. Unless of course Southgate himself takes one
    • ukbudz
      @SkyRider he certainly was 
    • Killuminati7
      Yeah man I personally wouldn’t want todo it anyways, but they say you can , I always thought it was a big no no ??