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Paradise Seeds Strain Guide

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    • Themonk92
      hi, I had a few threads here before helping with my grow room and a sick plant, which I found very helpful. so I'm back again. long story short had a few issues with the environment but all sorted now as far as I'm aware, I am growing/trying to grow barney's farm red cherry berry. 2/5 seeds germinated, 1 had a few issues that I'm still working on by pruning (probably went way too far) and LST. also this plant (i thought was the healthy one) is 4-5 weeks old... but as I found out it has started flowering last 2 days, barney's RCB or anyone I could find does not have RCB auto. so now i have no idea what strain or timeline i have. they have been on 20/4 light using 250w hps.   but here is my issue... as you will see all the leaves have curled down curling started a week ago but I must if missed the swap, even worse I gave her a feed of bloom just 5 days ago, was concentrating on little sacs that appeared... turned out after I pulled it that I was female not a male sac. then I realised that this cant be RCB. so, after these buds started showing I did panic a bit, a lot. did some research and found out that a good chance that the veg nutes could be the main cause here. but wait it gets worse.. panicking I put plenty of freshwater in then a mix of bloom+headmasta @1/4 strenth. then worrying again due to the amount of nutes in the soil I changed my mind and watered her down again until runoff was aplenty. have ordered an ec pen so help later if needed. as usual, thank you for all advice.  
    • Joint hogger
      Fuck dropping a blue pill every night during flower, your plants will love you for all that Co2 but is it worth the cost if your dick falls off 
    • spacejockey
      Mine. Also. That  stash  would last me along time,yes there.  Really is a   santa Claus,.           To bad. The Grinch   took. It. All.
    • doominik
      I have 2xtsw2000 for 100/200 and it’s not enough-they claim it can bloom 90/90 and that’s max. 
      I have lifted them up and moved to the walls of the box and added cmh in the middle