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    • OldFord
      Good morning boys & girls      My apologies on the lack of updates as been under the weather but having a better day and heres an update on how we look around the garden and a sneak peek at the southern GG girls .... i have a few pics to sort out and will kick the Southern GG plot pics & updates off shortly.    The Southern GG plot girls all looking good , no dramas and happy with their progress ,  got a broad spectrum of genetics out and all seem to be filling out & getting big but more importantly all seem happy.   The Souther GG plot was a last minute affair and being under the weather its been a lazy effort !    There was little to no prep work done other than the holes dug , soil amended , a hay layer then the pot installed in said hole with the arse cut out the pot .... its working very well  Heres a sneaky peek at a Dinafem OG Cookies  just as the sun was coming up  .... just the 1 pic til i sort them out   Yeah im a big tease         The Garden Girls -     All are looking on point  , no dramas or nothing im unhappy with , all very healthy for a change , all still on 1/4 strength Intense Nutrients  PK Phite / WideLoad and Bloom once a week with a midweek Seaweed Tonic.      The weathers been a mixed bag but ideal weather to swell those heads up and i got the start of a wonderful flower show coming , the smells are still very subdued with the SS Mac & Crack being the most pungent.    All in all a very happy & healthy bunch and im delighted with their progress,  i reckon a few more weeks til the pics get X rated     Sweets Ice Cools  -  All girls in light dep , getting big girls, on form and smell glorious   , when well cooked out i love it and been a while since i had a jar full.    Sweets Auto Mandys -  Again i got zero issues or complaints with any of the Mandys ,  as usual they are uniform / happy and healthy.    An awesome auto that never fails to deliver. My fav auto , just ticks all the boxes and never had a bad one across numerous runs.       Dutch Passion #1  -  My 1st play with DP beans and very happy with them.   I have put the Auto Euphorias out onto the Southern GG plot to see what they do in an unloved situation. The Passion #1's look great , i have placed 3 out on the southern GG plot and kept one in the garden to see what i can do with her,  i have her filling out very nicely and will be potting up this week.   Again very happy & healthy.     Alfemco  -  I put the Zeul ,  GoldiLocks x Zeul and some MWF out onto the Southern GG plot and all look very impressive indeed. I chose a rather special squat & chunky MWF seedling to keep in the garden  ,  then Mr Slim jinxed me    He had to tempt fate and she has indeed went auto on me ,  a rarity but still a welcome addition .... just as well i popped a few more more for the garden ... just in case he jinxed me !     So i now had 2 MWF babies and a MWF auto on the go and all look very happy & healthy.      SuperSativaSeedClub Black Leb -  Im very intrigued by this girl , shes like nothing i have ran before.   Shes very chunky, the formation is unique with the spacings on the laterals ,  a strange aroma and she almost looks like she was born to be outdoors.   Again very happy & healthy and the light dep is working well with some shading / colouration starting to show , a wonderful flower show coming i think .       HSO Choc Mint OG -   this is a delight to grow and the smell emanating from her is ....After 8's with creamy notes and a kush smell when rubbed up. A very nice plant thats very happy & healthy ,  coming along very nicely indeed.    SeedStockers -  Apollo black Cherry  /   Mac & Crack    /     BlackBerry Gum      All in light dep , all very  healthy & happy indeed.  The Mac & Crack is a week behind the others but by far the most pungent.  The Blackberry Gum is the farthest on & 1st to show pre flower ,  also the sweetest fruity aroma.   The Apollo Black Cherry has a ripe dark berry aroma , almost cherry but reckon it will develop ,  shes starting to purple off around the fan edges and traces on the mains , very hard to capture on pic but def there ,  im really impressed with these and sorry i didnt do a few more.    The Panty Punch , Gelato 41 and Wedding Cake are all out on the Southern plot and looking good.      My latest addition and fantastic little helper .... Mrs No Name  ,  she has settled nicely and loves to help , shes great at trimming fans especially when the wind blows them around         So that me for this week boys & girls,   thank you for swinging by and hope you enjoyed the visit.     Hoping the flower & colour show will start in the next few weeks.  Have a great week people and stay safe        
    • Newcouch
      you collect poo on tues and wed and take it in on thursday? that is odd. poo has a short shelf life and needs to be tested quickly. and i have never heard of two poo samples - one is always enough as long as fresh.   source; i have UC and do a lot of poo samples. the tins have to have the time on them they are so sensitive.   anyhow, sounds like you are fit and well and the docs worrying about nothing, but may as well. always good to check.   good luck.
    • Herbal Kint
      That's kg and a half a month,guess it depends on your weight and your daily routine for past 6months but sound like a normal rate of weight loss,it's not that rapid.
    • j.o.i.n.t