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    • Jstaff
      Day 55 Bloom    1ml/l Bloom, 1ml/l Grow    So getting close to chop time now, I’ve got 4 or 5 that look like they could come down now but there’s a few that look like they could do with a few more weeks. I reckon this could be down to heat stress as those few have been throwing out more white pistils and they’ve had some yellowing leaves.   Ive been running the lights at 650w instead of 850 thae last couple of weeks but things have really been a challenge in this heat.   Here’s a couple of bud shots     My plan was to get everything chopped next Thursday which will be day 65 but I may have to leave a few an extra week or so, I’ll play it by ear.   Have a good one guys   Jstaff
    • smokie1 b c f c
      cheers , im smoking on some of the big bushy girl now,its got very smooth now after how long in the jars. very moreish with a souring sativa head high , very strong in thc for sure, id guess its in the top 20's easy. the pineapple pheno is smoking just as smooth now. there are some great pheno's to be had from the lemon zkittles for sure. i still have a few in the pack tony sent me with 1 more bubbha island kush seed. so il be germing them soon, il update on them in here, keep it all in one thread.  @AutoMaster these lemon zkittles smoke very sativa dominant i find, so that's a good first place win for d/passion there il dig out my nitric acid and buy a cheap ph test kit to try next grow see if it helps with yellowing, its using organic nutes like oldtimer p/magic or bio bizz its hard to keep up with the plants without burning them. or them going yellow early into flower.  the nutes you use sound like there not organic,so you can keep them from yellowing in flower using your feed. bio bizz is a nightmare ask anyone and they will say you need bio bizz grow or fish mix, mixed into your bloom feed to stop them yellowing in flower, due to low nitrogen levels and other micro nutrients missing from the bloom mixes. plant magic used to be great with no yellowing, just green lush growth till the finish, then they came out with this new thinner mix, that is weak as fook.  so i have gone back to using bio bizz, il buy a bio bizz bloom too for this grow, and use fish mix once per week to keep them green till a few weeks before the chop. 
    • greenestfingers
      Welcome welcome.   The best of luck with your grows, may they grow well and yield better!   Peace    
    • Inspiration101
      Haha, well done.  Top effort !