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    • mr rhino
      A week on from planting the seeds   Only 5 out of 6 came through but I think the cold affected them.. The lemon Dizzle are in 4" pots and in Cyco coco under a 220watt CFL.   Update soon guys  
    • potato1356
      nutrients - chelated only in DWC - aptus are great, as are green air products. 
      temps - water not above 21, not below 18. room temps 25-27, 20-22 at night
      Ph - set it at 5.5, let it rise to 6.2, then reset. 
      EC - be conservative - 1.0 or below to start, then increase slowly based on strain. 

      any other advice just ask dude 
    • Phoenix
      I'd say everything you've said is spot on other than using rockwool in there. I'm guessing you could either set it up nft style or flood and drain but I reckon nft style would be simplest to set up and run.  I'd go with it bud.
    • potato1356
      Read the top post again..... I didn't buy it - I am warning other members that this system is TERRIBLE considering how much it costs - I've built better for £100 or less. 

      You say don't moan - the whole point of this thread is to highlight a major issue in the hydroponics industry which is - robbing people blind for shit products. 

      You agree you won't buy more of it, and agree home made is better, so what is your point? 

      I have a problem with alien hydro as they sell an over specced piece of shit and whack a fucking retarded margin on top - PURE GREED. 

      Doobie01 nailed it - 
        with growing being a male dominated area thats why i think the big 4" pipes are on it as most think bigger is better really what sized pump would you need to utilise the full flow output from 4" holes when my full street is fed from a 6" main  
      4" pipework is just an attempt to force you to buy any parts you need from them, while providing a USELESS amount of deadspace in the form of the massive pipes with slow flow rate - just more space for water to heat up as it travels around the system - fucking poor design. 

      I can run a 300L chiller on a 500L system that I build myself and the water easily maintains 19ºC - in the alien it averaged 21ºC and I only had 200-250L in there. fucking rubbish. 

      50mm pipework + koi supplies bulkheads + boxes from hardware store + air pump = far superior. 

      I challenge Alien hydroponics to hire an impartial tester to run a home made system versus one of theirs - it'd be fucking hilarious.