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    • Welsh Tom
      I've been popping some of my older seeds because the germination rates have been soul crushing. Tried a few different methods but just not having it.  Slowly trying to pop more, rather keep them as clones if going to have issues in future. Guess I need to store them better. They have all been in sealed tubs in the back of fridge.    Just added to the collection anyway..    Headband x zkittlez bx3  Michelotto x zkittlez bx3  Jack herer 10k x rks
      Buddha tahoe
      Alienfire master
      Sundae driver x the mac
      9lb hammer
      Platinum og
      White urkel
      Chocolate thai x haze brothers kush
      Gelato 33 x strawberry banana cream
      Puck yeah
      Romulan x NL#1
      Sour Diesel x Strawberry Creme x Afghani
      Romulan x hawaiian skunk
    • HazyDaze
      There's a good caption in that picture somewhere,  crouched with that leaf nearly  being  in his mouth...        
    • Sasquatch
      Only green manure I've grown is filed beans. Botanicallly the same as broad beans, vicia faba, get to the same height too so would compete for light and space with your girls.   Life cycle would take longer too, probably not suitable.
    • j2o
      That coppers gonna stink of weed