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    • inapond13
      @growinggold I was surprised at how quickly the harvested bud dried in the attic.  i usually dry it in October and it always takes at least two weeks.  I went to check last Friday and they were already crispy, dried a bit too fast for my liking.  To say that though, I have just finished the last joint from it and it is pretty good.  Straight from the attic it was a little harsh, the moisture content hadn't equalised throughout the buds but it was the only bud I had to smoke (I still have a little bubble bag resin to keep me going:)) After being in the jar for a few days it got a lot smoother.  Looking forward to the rest that will be more developed and get a proper cure.   Not sure on strains for next year yet.  Might enter a breeder competition as I have ran out of auto seeds.  I have actively entered the Dinafem outdoor growing competition a couple of years ago and like that community.  In exchange for a free seeds I'll supply a grow diary.  Have liked what I have tried from them in the past but have never tried their auto's.  And in the quadgrows it will be a show.  Yes, still loving the quadgrows   @Socksnsandals I can't believe how large these plants have become either.  The Daiquiri Lime will rival the yield of some of my better past photo-periods plants in this greenhouse.  Cannabis and the quadgrows seem to be a great pairing and one I will be continuing next year for sure.  They have all the nutrients and water they need and optimal growth occurs.  The soil in the 10 litre pots are almost bone dry and I haven't been adding any feed or water to the soil.  I believe I have in the past, under-watered my plants, trying to give a good wet/dry cycle, but in the greenhouse, I think that a daily watering is better once the plants get big.  Obviously, very little water is needed for young plants and I would only water once a week at the most when they were smaller.   I spent some time with the plants yesterday and totally wreaked of weed after   I decided to get in and do a bit of defoliation.  I wanted to ensure good airflow and check on the pest situation.  The bud where I found caterpillar webbing had a little more webbing, so that means that the little bugger is still at large.  He must still be pretty small, as evidence is minimal and no Caterpillar curled up leaf homes seen yet.  Not too worried about this, will keep checking daily.   I did remove some leaves that were heavily infested with young aphids.  There were plenty of leaves that were aphid free and the ones which were covered where lower, older leaves.  I have found an area of bud on 2 different plants that have had some aphid interest.  They don't seem to like the really sugary buds but have congregated on some of the outer budleaf.  I decided to just trim off these green bits of budleaf, aphids and all.  Overall, I'm not really worried about the aphids, I think they are under control.  If were any other plant, I would have the spray gun on them with a washing up liquid solution which always works, but I don't want to be doing that at this stage with the plants.   I also found a few two spotted ride spider mite.  I know, The Borg.  Not too worried at this stage though.  There really weren't many and I removed the affected leaves.  I reckon I saw 30 and I was looking closely.  I have dealt with these every year and at this late stage of flower, more predator mites would be ineffective.  I already have some predator mites that I introduced earlier that are now probably loving the RSM feast.  I have not seen any webbing or more than 3 mites on any leaf, but I did see eggs.  My plants are so far along now that these are not concerning me.  There are no mites on the buds and I am removing any sign of them that I find.   I also find a few whitefly on the older, lower leaves but not in any great quantity and these leaves have also been removed now anyway.   Overall, I am still totally blown away at how these auto's have grown and are producing in these quadgrows.  I suppose it is essentially just simple hydroponics for the greenhouse, but it is simple and very easy to do.  I haven't even pH'ed my water once (maybe I just have the right water) and just gone with my gut with the amount of nutrients.   I probably removed 100 or so leaves and this is what they looked like yesterday after their trim:     I also re-potted the photo-periods the other day and they are looking much happier:     I have a busy few weeks coming up.  We are having some house renovations done and I have a lot of clearing of stuff and boxing up to do and may not get much time to update.  I will though fit in the time to harvest my crop and take some pictures.  Will upload when I can.  Slightly concerned about drying in my attic after recent experience though.  Will have to monitor them closely once in there.   Until next time...
    • pothead11
      No you can't and that is something to consider . 
    • Sgt Smash
      Can you pin point your heating area on the cap with induction heaters? So you can control different temps.
    • Saddam
      Star Trek Lower Decks. Not that impressed with the first episode, the characters are loud and abrasive. The overuse of Easter eggs and number of  name drops is obscene.