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    • rurallegend
      Hi folks. First season doing some guerillas got 2 sites already with photos at one 6 week old and 3 week old autos at another. Found a nice spot for a 3rd just wondering if i get a fast flowering auto if i pop the seeds lets say start of june wil they do alright? So out in the ground on site for 15th of june? That gives a rough of late september harvest?   I just really fancy somthing cheesy for the winter    Cheers folk
    • OldFord
      Both looking ok,  autos have very sensitive roots !    How much water you giving them ?      Whats the soil consist of ?      Try keep the soil to just that, soil,  dont add any feed or such like as it can make the soil too hot and scorch the plant.     Water & feed is way better with a less is more approach.      Try enjoy the grow and dont sweat it      The plants will do their own thing         Try using a cut up 2ltr bottle to act as a dome until its big enough to survive slug & snail attacks !    Copper tape works wonders but try get the wide band stuff not the skinny one.      Bank on around 100 days for harvest as a guideline , should be cooked well by then but obviously strain, weather and environmental factors all come into the mix.     Try get the pots off the floor to let them breathe, avoid saucers later in the year if its wet outside.     If going away make a wick feeding system of use a dripper set up or autofeed plugs on the end of a 2ltr plastic bottle.    As long as it aint scorching hot you should be fine,   i work away from home often and use the bottle or wick system and after a few wks all has been ok.   
    • UKsFinest
      That's the black cream auto I had 2 one was bad pheno hardly purpled and no taste/smell and this purple one with a lovely grapefruit smell and taste.
    • BonnieAuto
      @OwderbI showed examples of low numbers a couple of post's above your's boss, vertical growing does not require high numbers, scrogging up the walls is as much a option as is stacking 100s of clones.    @diyledukahh fuck off I was winning.....