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    • tokenroll
      @InTheSystem Seems people rate this Blackjack strain, so I will take some clones further down the line when they are going into flower. Thanks for the feedback very much appreciated. Toke...
    • 2Fat2EatThat
      Sadly it's looking like its back to the Guiness for Ireland but hope they turn it round.   They're not the type of team to fade away and accept their fate it just takes a couple of inspirational moments and they'll get their backs up again.   The fact its so early on gives them time to get a grip but it's looking intense out there.
    • InTheSystem
      Another vote for Blackjack - grew it a couple of years ago and was a real winner.. Well up there for fem seeds. Nice recovery and best of luck with the grow mate. 
    • FatBoy77
      I'd want more than one for that size space, even if it was just for the last 6 weeks of flowering.  Unless the space you're using has a nice naturally low humidity.