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    • 55Northland
      @NezA unbelievably I stuck with her!   Seriously though, I was so pissed off and totally gutted when I realised they were gone forever. Just mentioning it now is bringing back some of the pain. 
    • Dr feelgood
      I dont trust it one bit but theres no denying that reagans war on drugs forced a lot of folk to seek the sanctuary of the netherlands.
    • purepotstill
      2.4% one L is 24ml. Milligrams would depend on the volumetric mass of your nutes. 
    • EarLobe
      I think that may be the best way to get a good idea of what's going in to be fair.   Having a look at the bottle they list NPK they just say Cal Mg and trace nutes are added. Would be interesting to know for future deficiencies and knowing you can buy seperate bottles for each nute!   @purepotstillI don't think I've noticed mg/l on the bottles but I'll have another look. 2.4% in a 1l bottle I'm assuming would be 2.4mg/l? Or 24mg?