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    • Pau176
      Hi,   I hear you on the pk boost. The last 3 days i’ve Used 2.5ml of coco A + B & 1ml of vitalink pk. I noticed earlier some of the leaves have burn on the tips. I’m not using the pk again.   No, I’m not using bloom nutes yet. I wasn’t sure when to as everybody seems to have a different opinion on when to switch on autos. As my plants were looking healthy and growing, I was reluctant to make a sudden change and balls it up.   I ordered advanced big bud coco yesterday which should be here tomorrow. I will start using that tomorrow for gods knows how long. There seems to be nutrients for everything & I’m getting confused on whether you mix nutes, when to use them & how long you use them for,   The A + B is easy enough to understand. It’s the blooming nutes i’m not sure off.   
    • Joolz
      that hasn't happened in the decade or so since they originally banned the defence of medical necessity   and people are still citing medical conditions as there reasons for growing or being in possession when caught, but now the judges and magistrates will simply say that medical cannabis is available to those in genuine need
    • The Padawan
      @zen-ken thanks mate. They are under a 600watt hps. Train wreck is the strain and they are indeed in a bubbler. I’m using shogun samurai hydro grow a&b at the minute along with silver bullets roots.  Ph around 5.9 ppm around 300 water temps 20 degrees.  Lights on 28-30 lights off 22-25   thanks @doobie01 will get the fan moved later.  @JamJar  i thought I had topped at the 3rd node. But prob not   Here’s better pics when I done it. But honestly haven’t a clue  just trying to get by with any diary’s or tutorials I found online. 
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      elons the man ..trump cant hold a spanner with his tiny hands ..and ive been pestering elon for fuckin months over it .