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    • GreenPirate
      Had a recent case of spider mites after bringing Bodhi's Space Cake and Panic's Kushty in from outside at the end of summer (had two phenotypes of the Space Cake and a stocky Kushty that were just Loreal, they were worth it!!) , my cuttings ended up covered in web. They went for the Bubblegum first, jumped back to Panic's Kushty but did not like it there as much and moved on to a GG4. After that they jumped onto the Lemon Skittlez, Dosidos and the Zkittzo.

      A lot of leaf damage, some very sick looking plants, a cancelled NFT competition run on the Zkittzo, here is how I think i've dealt with it. ( I hope they are gone!)   Hoovered the room, cleaned the equipment with liquid Oxy, get everything out the groom you don't need. Set old Henry Hoover to half speed, open the little duct on the handle as not to damage the plants too much. Let them go up the hoover piper and ride the small bit of leaf damage you'll get. I then hit them with SP:PI and raised the humidity, then every other day spraying them with either a half strength SP:PI or cold water. That seemed to knock them back quite a bit but noticed the odd fucker survived (unhatched eggs maybe), this is when I invested in predator mites. I thought it was worth a try at around 20(ish) notes for a bottle of 1000.

      After opening the bottle and nothing happened, I thought it was snake oil, a few hours later the low 20's temp and the shade conditions brought the whole bottle to life. I sat there and watched this army of moving specks marching up my cuttings and through the veg tent. I'll try and post up a pic of the little things on the move, i've not seen any web since and I last sprayed with SB about 3-4 weeks ago as I don't want to kill the predators. Being an outbuilding you get the odd spiders breeding, these things look like they have chased the young normal spiders off. I guess the predators are now either dead, still dealing with the last of the problem, or it's a case of Elvis has left the building and they are eating the mites/spiders outside.

      Regarding the UV light, I have a pond filter with a UV, it's main purpose is to kill bugs,bacteria and algae and it does a good job of killing the evil green swamp weed, not sure i'd use one on my plants but there might some hidden science in killing the cell walls and letting them heal, making a more hardy plant? Still, until shown otherwise, i'd give the UV light a miss.
    • Punts
      @jadenugs   With you on the Calmag...yes the Bicarb will raise the PH...your water should raise the PH on it's own to an extent.   I'm off looking for an image...   Found it courtesy of @AutoMaster Cheers.     As you can see, it only takes a slight drop in PH for the plant to struggle obtaining P, Ca and Mg.   Things should improve now your temps have stabilised.   ATB   PR    
    • the lone deranger
      High all, still struggling with only having my phone tethered to my laptop as internet, with no sodding reception. Only took 3 days of faffing, but got there in the end   I'm really happy with all of these beaut's. All smelling absolutely gorgeous and covered in crystal. Just the way it should be. Let us never speak of rudderalis, ever again     Black Jack #1         Black Jack #2     Stonking great plant this one.         Even the air buds look tasty   Black Jack #3               Black Jack #4     I chucked some pollen on this one, but it doesn't seem to have taken. Shame, but not the end of the world.           Not the best pic's, but these plants are all divine!! Smelling lovely, and filling the tent up very nicely   Short veg, 7.5ltr pots, will be done flowering in less than 9 weeks by the looks of it. Why the fuck are people growing autos inside... Sorry, couldn't help myself.       Onto the other beauties..   Cream Caramel #1         I would say this is the one slightly weaker looking plant. A bit less bud formation, but smells really special so i dont mind   Cream Caramel #2     I love this plant Glad i chucked some killer skunk pollen on her           You can see the seeds bursting out Killer Caramel   Cream Caramel #3     The poor structure is down to me. This one was a bit squashed in     Still some lovely looking buds there       Cream Caramel #4         Funking delicious!!
    • jadenugs
      @Punts Cheers mate, I'm with you on the low temps and ph thing but my temps have been fine since they went into the tent, roots never below 18. I think my earlier problem was lockout due to too much calcium  from adding the calmag, and the later problem of over dark leaves being from too much bloom feed and maybe Epsoms. I'll keep an eye out and consider your suggestion dude Will bicarb not raise the ph? My water is hard with a ph of 7'6