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    • FarmerPalmersNT
      Fitted a blumat system to the mother tent today, don't want another disaster. I also noticed that when going in with wet hands I was getting weird tingles off the leaf tips. Narrowing it down was tricky but I'm pretty sure it is the heat mat that's got holed and is giving me little shocks. Quite mad its conducting through the leaf tips! Hope my worms are alright  Fitted a spare greenhouse tube on a decent thermostat instead.   They're all looking grumpy from being moved around (and possibly electrocuting them might not have cheered them up) so should perk up soon hopefully. There's a bit of a fungus gnat thing going on in the mum tent as I used some fairly damp leftover soil when I made them up. Not an issue as I have the bio control to beat all bio controls arriving tomorrow!
    • Jack010
      They have loved the transplant .    Bushing up nicely      Debating wether or not to top them or just LST them, time will tell. 
    • badbillybob
      great harvest, top result, well done for getting them over the finishing line  FTS = fuck the sheep
    • Breezus
      Anyone know a safe way to turn home made Canna oil into vapable liquid that's safe?