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    • Hippie on hill
      Any tips or advice for getting my Tumbling Toms to finish?   I saw Monty on the telly having the same issue with his unripened tom toms cos of the heat we've had this year, and had no real advice or anything for us to get them to finish before it gets too frosty for them. So i thought I'd ask you lot of there's any tricks you guys know of to get them to ripen up  
    • craigfjyp
    • ineedofusername
    • sterling-archer
      Well to update everyone i managed to get a good amount of oil out of not alot of already vaped bud over the course of weeks.    I let it sit for weeks in the iso heating it periodically with hand warmers and in the end got it in the slow cooker to finish with some vg in over a few days (on daytime only)    I now have a jar with oil stuck to it and once i can afford it i will get some ej mix and dissolve it in.  The bloody jar fell over in the slow cooker and got some water mixed in but to be fair it seemed to help separate it in the end as the oil started sticking to the sides in the surface. I tipped out the water oil mix although a tad at the bottom remains as yellow oil so maybe the vg took some canna in.   Ill have to make sure its canna oil and not left over hot pot oils that were in the water   The next lot of trim i have i am going to run through bho and then slow cook into the ej mix to see how the 2 compare.    Ill post back once ive got it done and the results are in.... Gravy flavored canna e juice mmmm In all seriousness it is canna oil though