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Coffee Shops

Got a favourite cafe in the 'dam ? Tell us your coffeeshop experiences here

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    • LivelyUpYourself
      I feel like I read on here about the 'crayon' pheno of purple maroc too... could be a different strain but sounds nasty   I've only grown 1 this year but my red purps (bud in profile picture) was virtually mold free, looks and smells lovely. Like ginger beer 
    • Gojitangie
      If not think there are still some OldtimesxAmnesia Haze (Ammo core cut) by Madgiz in subbies I believe, also his Lot5evo x Psychosis, should be some amazing Sat examples in either and just £20 to boot, no brainer unless you require fems.
    • Lancaster8
      Thanks for that!  The link was interesting. I wasn't aware of that product. Since this thread was started, I have been trying all kinds of ideas, and copied a device that someone had posted on You Tube.  However, whilst the project concerned was feasible in principle and did sort of work....there were issues that were not declared on the YouTube video.  So, now I am hugely modifying the original idea and hopefully may be able to get to where I want to be. If it all works out, I may divulge further!
    • Slugums
      Damn!! I spend too much time reading in the grow section... never even seen these promos before!! Thanks @The Padawan!