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Coffee Shops

Got a favourite cafe in the 'dam ? Tell us your coffeeshop experiences here

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    • AKPOG
      Hi all,   I was wondering if any of you have used pre-made heated rosin press machines before? Which ones do you recommend & why?   These are ones I've found, one is really cheap, but unlikely will get the pressure required without jamming it a vice & breaking it! Lol. The other, is promising I think & I'd be prepared to pay for, although my wife would still kick my ass for spending the cash! As I grow for me myself & I & no one else, I would never sell my weed, so it's all outgoings.    1) This one looks positive. A UK manufacturer I think, nice looking, high spec although manual wind, 2000kg pressure, dual digital heated plates. I've seen it on fleabay item no. 282966618233 for £250!!   2) Tairik Rosin Press - Hand press heated plates. £65 , but can hand press be enough? I doubt it but had to ask.   I don't want to spend a fortune before trying rosin for the first time, as I've never tried it before. I've plenty experience with bubble hash & BHO. I love hash, but not keen on BHO, or how unsafe it is to make.    How much better is rosin? Is it compatible medicinally wise compared to RSO for example?   Can you recommend a Rosin press? Or parts for me to make one for under £200?   I have seen people dismantle hair straighteners & fibreglass glue them to vice jaws & extend the controls. Is this a good way to go? My wife might happily donate hers now she has short hair    Thanks in advance 
    • ratdog
      I know, I should have done my homework, but I`m not the only one here who got caught here.   Running female seeds version next, apparently it`s the one to have and a fraction of the cost, worst bit is I already had them in the fridge
    • vince noir rock n roll star
    • vince noir rock n roll star