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Coffee Shops

Got a favourite cafe in the 'dam ? Tell us your coffeeshop experiences here

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    • j.o.i.n.t
      Yeah, been using my self-built thingies for a while myself. I too love free stuff and have no respect for the copyright of multi-nationals  
    • zen-ken
      So....I got a little scissor happy with the girls and have trimmed a little more than I would have liked (or should have).   All topped and pruned  to 6 runners............So one is looking a little shorn   They are growing up fast..... as babies do.....and I am feeling the need to flip this week      Space as always is my enemy so I am aiming to start the fun at the end of the week all things being present and correct.   The CO2 bag is in and I have another CO2 toy to throw at it as well this time but I am saving that for last four weeks......love that carbon dioxide    Hope you are very very well and Zen Ken sends you positive energy for your babies   
    • unity
      Aye - that's the chap, I guess you knew nice dave as well     Edit: what do you know about the strain during it's pre-psycho times?  Any idea where / how it came to be, or what the genetics are?
    • FARMER G
      Bang on dave he was known to us from the excessive use of the word bang on !!   Yes i knew it before he had his mitts on it, was renamed by him and 2 others sitting round a table smashed from smoking purple !!   This is the first time someone has heard of its original name on the boards other than me !    Farmer