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    • badbillybob
      i wouldnt bother with the cannazym myself, its more for coco and the likes to break down dead root material.  i would add the silicone, at the rate you are and add grow till you get to 0.6ec, ph will be set to 5.8, but will rise over the first 24 hrs, and will usually settle, .....unless you never rinsed and phd your hydroton when you put it in there..
    • bobby1970
      Thanks for the input guys, very much appreciated!  Ok, so I set the EC to 0.2 and the PH 5.5 but after 24 hours the PH is up to 7 and the EC is usually around 0.6. It's a pain im the arse tbh, I have to adjust the PH constantly and if the EC gets above 0.6 I'm throwing away the entire water and start from scratch.    My routine is.... Add about 13 litres of water from tap (ph comes out around 8 and the EC is 0) so it's probably sitting around 2 or 3 inches under the top bucket,  but thr plants are so small that they don't have roots under the bucket anyways.    Add about 10ml of silicon   Ionic grow nutrient to about 0.2 EC   About 25ml of Cannazym   Then set the PH using PH down to around 5.5   I will take pictures when I can...    
    • Chuxsta
      excuse me your lord high and who the F*** do you think you are... 

      i have never seen or used HPS lighting.. i have read about it yes.. i have read a lot about it.. 
      i am sick of reading about it.. hence why i came to what i thought was a place for help.... 

      i work with electronics for a living.. fixing and building.. 
      i dont even leave my electric toothbrush on charge if i am not in the building. 
      and you mock me for been concerned about my first introduction to HPS ? 
      i have come here to ask about alternatives to what i have purchased.. because there are many...  

      so because i am obviously knew to this all.. i keep stating it and my post count is a clue... 

      wouldn't offering help and assistance be better suited..    i have a smaller tent... 60x60x140cm... 1 plant swamped it and tent door was too small to get the plant out. 
      football stadium flood lights are 93489 ft in the fudging air.. not 2meters above my floor. 
        i shouldn't have to justify myself... 

      i came here for help, and i will gladly accept criticism and suggestions.. but this is bullshit. 
    • OrganFlour
      Chilli con carne and rice  home made, slow cooked, the best!