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    • highway_017
      Yes, that's it exactly, I'm his lawyer you can call me Mr.Goldberg, Thank you kindly.
    • Era
      Myrcene thins the blood brain barrier increasing uptake of thc which pushes it over the bell curve of efficacy from uplifting to a sedating effect. This can be countered with the addition of limonene, a pinene and b caryophyllene, which interestingly is now considered to be a cannabinoid as well as a terpene.. or increased with linalool and terpinolene. Terpenes are best consumed via the olfactory receptors in the back of your nose, and are readily available in the form of essential oil. I find inhaling a blend of oils through a handkerchief works well and definitely does have an overwhelming impact on the effect of the cannabis you consume. It’s especially effective with edibles as most of the terpenes are lost in the process of decarboxylation giving you a blank canvas to taylor your own high and remain active, or get a good nights sleep. 
    • Hone Heke
      Are you his lawyer? He posted a rude and unfriendly response to the OP - I came here for a comparison to my outdoor grow also.
    • Jumpin Jack