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      I dont give Bud Candy as a replacement for Top Shooter... it's just to add extra sugars for the plant to process and add to the bud quality. I give it from about week 2 of flowering at 1.0ml/L all the way to the end. I used to make up my own Molasses for the same reason, but switched to Bud Candy cos I'm so lazy.   I stopped using Top Shooter because it makes the plant flower again... and again etc. which sounds great, but the exteded flowering time resulted in a haul that had varying quality.... some much older bud past its maturity and newer bud that hadn't fully matured yet., the longer you wait for the new bud to mature, the more the older bud will deteriorate. Plus you get a lot of foxtailing, which again affects bud quality.  Stopping TS was a huge saving and my buds were harder and all at the right maturity... uniform quality.   When I did use it, I used it at 0.5ml/L for the first week, then 1.0ml/L for the final 2 weeks, but often had to continue a few more weeks as all this new bud came through.... and yeah, had to drop A&B right down to accomodate it... once I didn't even add A&B as I had to keep the EC low... as I say, I don't bother with any late bloom boosters.... PK 13/14 is more than enough!   OH, I forgot to say earlier... the H&G Nitrogen Boost is superb stuff.... no more than 0.3 to 0.5ml/L though!!!
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