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    • 3potheads
      I rate the wac1. Had my 5" running off it for a few grows and now slows down my circulation fans.   How are you drawing air into the tent? When I first started in the loft it was winter and I had big heat issues. I ended up making a 'heater box' which worked quite well. Basically it's a box with a heater in and ducting from that to the tent. Then the air going into the tent is warmer instead of trying to heat air up that is leaving.   The tube heaters and mat will help keep root temps up so I'd keep them in as well.   Also insulate the tent. Get some 50mm.(or thicker) celotex stuff and make a frame for the tent out of it I'd you haven't already. Deffo get some for the floor.   Here's a pic of the heater box thing I made, you don't need to insulate the box but I had spare boards and thought it might be more effective/efficient   3ph  
    • Jimboo
      Amy Winehouse - Valerie - Live HD  
    • Joint hogger
      this is what I started with. btw the £80 build price doesn't include the £45 parabolic.     then after the mod              
    • Jimboo
      Skip Marley - Johnny Was (Acoustic)