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Dutch Passion

Support forum for Dutch Passion Seeds


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    • Herbal Kint
      Personally I like my crumble blond hash more then squidgy ,it's both bubble mix from 25 to 90, rest I throw away as it looks green. Seems to me it's down to how much you work it with bottle and what Temps and pressure you achieve,mind am a hash noob.   Sq
    • Herbal Kint
    • John'sMidnightGarden
      Mate BHO is ridiculous easy, I use a stainless coffee jug, always good deals on Newport gas too.  Was a novelty for me, bad connections for me so oil was something my mates uncle had in Spain about 25 years ago, I'd never seen it.  Turns out some extracts aren't for me - feels grubby / mongy without any good part (for me).  Bubble stuff I've looked at but rar... seems aggro.  Never imagined I'd take all this for granted!  But yeah, better dry screen seems the way forward, thanks for the help!
    • wilson2
      my crop yields similar to yours , its an exceptional strain. I take clones prior to flipping this does away with the need for mothers.