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    • smokey bear
      There looking good mate as said don't touch yet there still young should wait untill they tell u they need it can start to gently spread them out n in courage them to spread out but looking lovely mate good luck n don't b afraid to ask questions when they come up  
    • indicatoker420
      Some nice pics in here but shame about some people's circumstances. My auto will be coming along more so hope that hasn't developed any bad stuff, weather here aint been as bad as a lot of other areas though tbh.   I Can't wait to visit my plants in morning . Was going to go today but had a grand mal seizure this morning so couldn't really go today. Will feel better tomorrow and will go get some bat guano as well I think. I Think I will probably need to carry on top dressing a lil bit more longer tbh with that and the sulphate of potash.
    • Joint hogger
      Dont trim anything, at this stage they're still young plant's & the more leaf's the better.   also, what gear are you using in your space & what's the space's size ?    
    • Green demon
      Haha yeah man growing brings out the kid in some of us. That's the rub, Ive being growing cuts for years. Starting from seed again I've no interest in modern fire og svf bullshit. WW, white rhino, Thai, AK, Northern Lights, they're the strains I recognise but it seems like common knowledge these strains have either been all but lost or they're potency has degraded over the years. All this modern chemdawg#4 X diamond pixiedust Kush is all Greek to me. I'm sure all these Jedi Kushs and Tangie dreams are the bollocks but where the hell do you start? I wanted people's advice on a reputable modern breeder, producing strains worthy of those old names.  For sure with BLZ bud, Wappa, and pretty much anything by Sweet Seeds you can't go wrong. Happy Birthday dude. It's fun to have a plan. Gets real exciting when it start into action!