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    • ursus1000
      As you have a 6" RVK,check the wattage on that. The WAC1 will cope with a 5" fan,and should cope with a 6" low power fan,but will struggle with the wattage from the higher powered 6". Just to be on the safe side check the wattages mate. The WAC1 is only about £30 ish as well. ATB mate.
    • crticalcontent
      Hey stu sorry to hear about your other half’s issues. Painkillers have been a double edged sword in my life. Slaying pain but making war with my soul. I fucked off the co-cocodamol and opted for straight codeine. Which helped pain more but aided in abuse. The stuff is so fucking addictive and a real nightmare to come off of. Sounds like it’s early days for your other half and the painkiller bandwagon. Even though they have their uses imo theirs too many negatives for long term use. But some of us have no choice.  Cbd is awesome stuff but from my experience, works better with a little thc. I got some seeds from joolz ages ago, the strain was called Candida. At the time there was no info online about it, since then it has started to be sold under the company medical marijuana genetics and I can seriously vouch for it. It is very very effective for pain and relaxation. It’s advertised as 20%cbd <1%  thc which I think is pretty close. Just made some cakes with a bit of trim I found and they are awesome! It makes painkillers more effective so you can take less which is an obvious bonus with that shit. All the best C 
    • Daze
      That's some daily budget..    
    • sroporilshoot
      Great pics man....got me reaching for the rizla's .   ATB   Cheers