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    • buddage
      Hughie Fury has just signed to challenge Joseph Parker for the WBO belt later this year, it will be good once a unification fight between Parker and Joshua can take place, that would be a great fight.
    • Kaoticnzymes
      Hi my water analysis is lacking, no ca or mg its also missing molybdenum and zinc. It apparently is high in iron and sulphate  I don't know how realitive it is or best way to resolve it, maybe just a micro nute feed but I was thinking of buying a RO filter, and starting from scratch giving the plant the right numbers of micro nutrients, with no unwanted elements, however GA advised against a RO filter they said  "it is not possible to make nutes specifically for RO water as adding the buffering (mixed carbonates and hydrogen carbonates ) found naturally in even soft water results in an unstable food prone to crystallising out and similar problems or involves a 3 part nutrient which is costly and still is not always effective." Does this mean RO is no use, why would adding back minerals such as cal/mg to buffer the water result in unstable food ? I don't know the score  with remineralising attachments but would one of these make the water stable? I heard they were good for plants?  Is RO still a problem if using organic bottle nutes such as biobizz and ot ? Any advice on using RO ?
    • Legoman
      Used to smoke it all the time as a teen as it was a cheaper way to get high when there's a few of you. Don't think I'd touch the stuff now I remember coughing up a load of flemy gunk the morning after. Bad shit if u ask me. Never heard of the cleaning method could of done with it a few years ago but saying that I don't think thered be not left if I cleaned it. Dirty stuff if u asked me could almost taste the boot polish and plastic bags haha
    • harvestreaper
      just watched wilder/washington   dont know if its what im smoking  but it looked staged  to me washingtons best attack was a half assed body shot ,, seen  harder sparrin sessions