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  • Posts

    • FatBoy77
      @uBercaMeL thanks dude, that's the conclusion I came to the other day. I went back to soil tictacs and used ml, much happier plants.   This is the first time the ec coming out has been lower than what's going in so very happy now, back on track. 
    • Jammo85
      Nothing special  35inch on one  while others are around 30in  just that one seems to be quite a bit taller I think it’s calmed down now tbh 
    • bubbly82
      Im also running white strawberries from g13 too, looks nice, bit bland on the smell front at the min though but got another 4-5 weeks yet so still hopeful 
    • cf
      First timer ?  I've been teaching folks to grow for a while now and although it tempting to get a bit tech I would always encourage the KISS principle  Keep it Simple Stupid ....( nearly got I to a fight with one lad because he really thought I had just made that up especially for him ! )  Where theres a choice between a perfectly adequate simple way and more complicated options I would always choose the simple. If something starts to go a bit wrong  with your plants and your grow is hydro with a chiller and indoor light based growing is new to you ,you're doing about ten things you've never done before and working out the problem will be hard . Hand watered coco is about as easy as it gets . Follow the instructions dont get carried away with any additives and youl get a great result .....which is what you're doing it for after all ! Get your ventilation humidity temps lights pest control ...vagueries thrown up with a new strain etc etc sorted.....then bit by bit get more complicated .   ....and a dehumidifier in the grow room?  I've been growing a while and even with big rooms hydro and co2 I never needed one .    Just my 2p.of course mate