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    • highlo
      It's been a while since I last posted but there's not much to update, so far they're all doing good except from one which is smaller and has slower growth than the other 3 , they're still only getting water little and often to tease the roots out. I have started training today aswell on the 3 bigger bk plants, just a simple tie down on the main stem with gardening wire to one of the holes I made around the top of the pots, as the side branching grows I will tie down as required and try and keep a nice flat canopy of equal height, the slower one will get the same treatment in time 
    • doobie01
      I break my stems down I getting to tall mate take a few days for them to recover but no real problems I nip with my thumb and finger slightly and roll it where I'm breaking it and seems to work for me its stopped most of the clean brakes where I'm left holding a main bud in my hand an a plant not attached 
    • JimmyPage
      Hopefully a hypothetical ...   If you need to change location for a plant well into flower, and there is no way to keep the headroom (e.g. moving from one cupboard to another), what are the implications of bending the taller stems to keep them lower away from lights ?   I have a long-help memory that somene advised to clamp using a pair of pliers so you get a clean bend, rather than risk tearing the stem. ?
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      you sound like you dont believe @ratdog ..you gotta belieb ..without belieb you got diddly do da