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    • Jimboo
      I like the freedom of a ratchet at each corner gives I could lower one side of the light if needed I don't think you could do it with the 4 in 1 could you?     Might buy one anyway you never know when it would come in handy 
    • Dinafem-Mark
      Ooops my mistake   Need to be more gender inclusive. I'm trying   All the best    Mark.. 
    • Happyeccentric
      Thanks @Dinafem-Mark I'm actually a women of her word hence my feelings on the matter of being  relieved that my husband doesn't come as quick as my quick gorilla seeds but maybe the filth burnt your eyes.   Here is them all in their starting pots now with the cookie autos in the biodegradable bags I saw recommended  on here   Only one gorilla auto not in pot yet as it seems to want more time in paper towel so far we have 8/9 termed and in which for my standard of gardening is a miracle  
    • Dodgee
      If I remember rightly tiger worms made up the bulk of the "worm mix"like 80%? I forget the other 2 but was 15% 1 and 5% the other..   As long as they multiply happy days, I figure there be plenty nutes available in the soil for the first run anyway and the worms are more about keeping the nutrient levels up long term.. I think...   I might add some bio char for the next run and if the perlite floats I'll skim it off and replace with pumice... I think that might be better??    Dunno I'm learning as I go.     For now I'm gonna keep it simple, worms, water and some sort of mulch.    That's kinda the point of the stuff innit to "keep it simple" so we'll go with that for now and see what happens.   I ordered a box of ten knock off bluemats, hopefully they work the same as the real thing..   Thanks for the help mucka