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    • mikeydoughnut
      All depends. In my experience some’ll show during veg and some only once in flower - dunno about other folk -  but @ 3 weeks in from seed you’ll be in for a wait. I’ve heard if the stipules cross it’s an indication of a female (or perhaps the other way around I can’t remember) but that’s more than likely bollocks, I’ve never bothered to check. Other than that it’s just a waiting game I guess. 
    • Phillybonker
      He only asked that I stick to the same track I've been using (that's the only route to my plants anyway).  I don't plan on growing in that area next season and I already made my mind up on that before running into the guy. The reason being is it's a long hike through dense bush to get to four plants and I've found another grow spot with easier access that is closer to where I live.    
    • QQ710
      Not completely - I have to sponge out an inch or so of water from each tote.   I added a T and stop-cocks after the pump and before the chiller - one way recirculating the res via the chiller and the other way goes out to the drain - so I open one stop-cock and close the other depending on where I want the water to go.   It's far from perfect system but has been plenty good enough over this last year of growing and cost peanuts compared to an Alien set up or the likes - I DO want an Alien set though   the fancy venturi one would be nice, hey!   I'd definitely use larger pipework or add 2x 40mm waste pipes if building again - found some pineapple haze roots all the way into the next tote on the last grow, nearly blocked the run, pipe blockages do worry me a bit!     Nice1 @zen-ken  Glad to hear your new Alien set up is coming together - can't wait to see it producing trees
    • mikeydoughnut
      Cheers @hash72. They’re all very lush and healthy at the moment. They’re blackpoolbouncers creations. Been an absolute pleasure so far they have