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  • Posts

    • Crow River
      Went to check on the Auto Duck girls yesterday, gave them some feed and cut back any encroaching vegetation. Have to say I am quite impressed by the sudden growth spurt shown by all of them. The two bigger girls are really going for it. The two smaller girls progressing more modestly, but still doing fine. They don't get as many hours of sun as the bigger girls, their plots spend more time in shade. Great to see them enjoying life outside. The two big girls are nearly ready to top, but not quite. Next visit.  
    • Lubdub
      Yeh I almost did the same with the white widow from seedstockers I've currently got going, short and pale at the start but now vibing with the others.
    • Crow River
      Quick update on the greenhouse grow. Overall the plants are getting bushier and sturdier, all good signs. All doing fine, except the Micron Auto Tao which got badly nibbled earlier. Seems to not be doing much at all. Still early days yet, these plants are just 35 days old, about 1/3 through their life cycle. The more decent sunshine they get, the better.  
    • The Green Manalishi
      And I was thinking of binning it when it was in the tent, small, stumpy no vertical growth, glad I kept her now, she’s a cute wee thing.