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  • Posts

    • _Jamie_
      Ok thanks guys, seem like the easiest way to train a plant compared to all the other ways I’ve read    would it be idea to top the plant 1st before tieing it over or just leave to grow normally? And if so what node to top at? Thanks again
    • michaeldbc
      Sorry mate I can't help you there I grow in dwc so for me I'd just drop a heater in the water. They should recover though mate the water I changed my res with that day was 11°c and I didn't have a heater to fix it. Myself I'd just bosh a little radiator in there or something set to about 19/20 ° shouldn't be all that bad in a medium coco soil etc I think. for me the roots were in straight cold water no protection and they were standing again after a few hours.
    • doominik
      I use ts2000w and so far so good-I haven't done a full grow cycle yet but i will take some photos when it happens
    • Budelaire
      no as it grows away from the source of gravity, roots go down towards, shoots grow up away from the ground to the light.