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  • Posts

    • NuVista
      Do these units use 170w of leccy?..is that comparable to hps?
    • No.1PartyAnthem
      So the best position cable length and socket wise is where a spur is. All the cables are run through the loft and its old colours so its all over the place. I want to cut the cable running an existing spur, wire in an fcu, then to a loft socket and reattach the existing spur in my flat.    I believe the flow chart thing youve just done sums it up just on the end would be the spur thats already there
    • JimmyPage
      So have just switched to last week - pure water nothing else.   Usually I see an increase in EC of the water, indicating some nutes are being flushed. At which point I change water.   But for the past 3 nights, the EC has remained 0, and the plants are using the water ...   Would folks top up, or change the whole lot ?
    • Mimicker
      I read a rollitup thread on where canna is hiding their cal + mag. Very interesting as Ive been using canna & live in an incredible soft water area and havent had any deficiencies