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    • buddy13
      @pothead22 any luck with these dude?
    • Amnesia
      @cannathc I think you are missing the point here, @QFMAC said that he needs the fans as quiet as possible. So you propose that he just uses a 5" fan on full power with no speed controller and passive intake in a small 0.75 x 0.75m tent? It would probably implode   Not good advice, never heard of anyone cutting a hole in a tent for ducting, how would he make it lightproof and airtight without the "socks"     Its true they are designed 24/7 but not to operate at extreme temperatures as you say. Not a good idea to wrap them in flammable materials either.     Again, he will need a speed controller for a 5" fan in a 0.75 x 0.75m tent.     A 5" extraction fan on full power will make the tent impode using passive intakes, also the air exchange rate would be way too high in such a small tent and so the plants would probably freeze especially at light off.     Its not about listening to the growshops, we do our own research. Growshops don't even sell Variacs. Its about getting the environment right at all times for the best and healthiest plants. As technology develops we move on as their is no need to "make do". You can get the proper tools for the job nowadays, @cannathc I'd recommend you trying out a Variac, voltage stepping controllers, EC fan with controller or something like the Hybrid to control the environment as your plants will reward you. No need then for bubble wrap, fans on full power or cheap chinese fire hazard speed controllers   It is true we have lots of herb as the environment is right due to a little investment. Its about being as stealthy as possible, do you not have visitors @cannathc Even if neighbors cannot hear a 5" on full power, people in the house would. What if you need a tradesman in the house to have something repaired? in my property you could walk around and not hear a thing. You cannot hear my growdrobe or tent fans outside the door that the growdrobe and tent is even in, the circulation fans are the loudest fans in there, in fact even in the room its very quiet and would not hear anything with a radio on low for example. @cannathc just out of interest what is your setup?   @QFMAC You are spot on in saying the filter is best placed at the top of the inside of the tent and have the intake low down so the air passes through the plants and extracted. I notice you plan on using passive intakes? I'd not buy the Hybrid as these are designed to run extraction and an intake fan together so you would need to buy another fan aswell. If i were you i'd buy a Variac or voltage stepping controller but it will need to be wired up by yourself, a Variac is better as you got precise control where a stepping controller has something like 5 set speeds. Then you can just plug your extraction fan and set it to whats needed, adjusting the passives but remember these will need to be lightproofed. No silencer or wrapping fan in duvet, bubble wrap etc.. will be needed and if you cannot fit the fan/filter combo in the tent you can place the fan on top or on the floor outside the tent with the filter inside. Either Variac or stepping controller (wiring up also needed) should cost less than £100, i done a step by step guide on how to wire up a stepping controller so give me a nudge if you buy one and need it. Here a pic of my Variac and STR stepping controller i use in my growdrobe, the Hybrid in previous picture controls my tents environment. >    
    • Nickx
      Hey guys,

      What are your opinions on the Plagron soils? Which is best for growing autoflowers??

      I read that the Plagron Light mix is good:

      Composition: White peat, Baltic peat, Irish peat, peat moss, black peat, perlite 15%, 15% worm fertilizer mixture of mineral fertilizers, 1.5% organic fertilizer.
      pH 5.9 / 6.2

      And will I need to add ANYTHING to it such as nutrients, worm castings etc? I bought nutrients from Plagron and it says to give nutrients after a week....Thoughts?
    • cannathc
      You will get harassed within an inch of your life any time of the year you go there!