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    • Samwisegamgee
      Hey guys!   I'm documenting this in my diary if anyone wants to read more details, its over on the autoflower board, but i've got 3 lovely little mohan ram autos just popping outta the soil this week in a 92l storage tub setup i've got going on and disaster struck this morning.   The LED light was being held to the lid of the tub with a couple of mounts that i hot glued to the top. The worry of it collapsing has been on my mind all week but ive been checking them non stop and it still seemed super strong and going nowhere when i checked about 8am today.   So i checked again at about 11 am and the worst had happened. the light had dropped on one side and on the swing down it had taken one of the seedlings right outta the soil  i found it next to the pot just in the drip tray but this hasn't been wet yet so it was all clean. it was completely floppy and just had a inch or so of thin root at the bottom. I have potted it back in the soil a bit deeper than it would of been so the soil can support the stem and propped it up with a small twig that was in the soil. I'm gonna leave it another 24 hours and see if it managed to pick itself back up from being all floppy and continue to grow but i know autos can be proper sensitive this early which is why they say to start them in final pot sizes. Does anyone think there is any hope for this little baby? I'm gonna crack another seed in the water in a minute but i've only got a sativa dominant strain to use and i was growing 3 mohan's due to their indica dominance and i don't have a lot of headroom in this grow. I've now mounted the light properly using wire and brackets actually screwed into the tub to avoid the issue ever occurring again. what a rubbish Saturday morning!     Here is a pic of it propped up after re-potting it, the quality is shite though as i had to zoom in and then compress the image to be under a MB for the gallery.   Any input if anyone has had this sorta thing happen before and re-potted a seedling and it recovered i'd really like to hear from you haha         Here is a pic of the rest of the box for anyone interest in micro auto grows, feel free to check out and follow the diary to see what happens hahahaha, hopefully this is the last hiccup       Thanks if anyone can help!   Samewise 
    • SkullDuggery
      Just stick with it. It can take a little while to get used to the difference in high if you’re used to consuming with baccy.
        You will get properly high though rather than the groggy sort of high that you get when mixing with baccy. 
    • bongme
      hi     People have been saying this or years but nothing gets done these collage governments like Labour and Conservatives are rubbish and never keep a promise look at all the promises they said with C-19 and not delivered anything BUT spent over 30 Billion on the test that did not happen also Billions ££ on trackers and did not materialise BUT some people in the Collage Government made a lot of money for nothing. and killed thousands in the process of nothing in the end    If you want things done by Men and Women you need a new party made up of men and women instead of X College kids like Hancock. Mrs May and Jhonson, as well as Labour kids like Keir Starmer people, who have never worked or mixed with people like me and you.   The last post I have to get this job am doing a sequel to this vid (below)
      I did with mates in work, I design all the Girls and backgrounds then we put it together as an animation see you in few weeks keep having stoners fun lookdown will be lock going out soon! Thanks for all your likes   K/DA - POP/STARS By League of Legends     Bongme
    • stickyblack
      Completely forgot  Still tinkering what I plan do neways..