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    • icki
      Mental that story above.   What a fucking crazy time we live in.
    • Ch@ppers
      I remember that,they contributed to a school or hospital,i cant remember which,and it might have been Kenya?Yup,they were jailed.
    • bongme
      hi   Families forced to sell homes to  sell homes to get medical cannabis – even though it’s legal ge     Parents told how they have been forced to sell their homes to get ‘life-saving’ prescriptions for medical cannabis – even though it is now legal. The medicine is almost impossible to get on the NHS because of a lack of clinical evidence about its benefits. It has created a ‘two-tiered’ system whereby the medicine is available, but only to those who can pay. Ten families marched to 10 Downing Street today with handwritten letters to Boris Johnson urging him to take action. They stood outside the Department of Health with an invoice for £231,000, the amount they have had to pay privately for the medicine to treat severe epilepsy. Elaine Levy, from Watford, was one of those present. She told metro.co.uk her daughter Fallon had seen an incredible improvement since she started taking Bedrolite, but that money was running out. ‘I’m £35,000 out of pocket now and I’m selling my home,’ she said. ‘I have no money left to support my daughter and I don’t know what I’m going to do in a month’s time because our money has run out.                     ‘Last November Sajid Javid made it legal for children with intractable epilepsy to have medicinal cannabis on the NHS. ‘We thought that was the end of the battle but since it became legal, not one prescription has been actually issued on the NHS.’ Her daughter, 25, has a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Elaine said she could not go more than an hour or two without having a seizure before starting the medicine, but now has ‘the most amazing quality of life.’ She said: ‘My fears are that in a month’s time, when the money has run out for the last bottles for my daughter, I really have nowhere to go and I don’t know what I’m going to do.     I have managed to raise some money, but at the end of the day it’s not up to strangers to keep my daughter well. ‘It’s up to the government to honour what they said they would do.’ Rachel Rankmore was another of those present at the protest. She told metro.co.uk she is also in a strained financial position because of having to fund the medicine privately. ‘We’ve been funding a private prescription since July and Bailey is thriving,’ the full-time carer for her sons said. ‘We are coming to the end of our pot of money we fundraised and potentially his life is on the line again.
        He could go back to having catastrophic seizures because we can’t afford to give him the medication. I can’t live in this world without my son being in it, and that really cuts to my soul. I can’t go on living the life that we are, wondering where the next money is come from to pay for the prescription. ‘I’m not going to allow my son to go back to the way he was, having hundreds of seizures a day. Our whole family is suffering. ‘We can’t beg for money any more. We will have to sell our house – if we can. I’m not sure where we will go or what we will do. ‘It’s not just wanting a prescription; it’s a prescription to keep our son alive and safe. ‘The government needs to step in.’ A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: ‘We sympathise with those families dealing so courageously with challenging conditions. The law has been changed to allow specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis-based medicinal products where clinically appropriate and there is a clear consensus on the need for more evidence to support these prescribing decisions. ‘Government is urgently working with the health system, industry, and researchers to improve the evidence base to provide clinicians with further support and guidance on prescribing where clinically appropriate.’   https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/19/families-forced-sell-homes-get-medical-cannabis-even-though-legal-10773910/   Bongme 
    • GreenVision
      Im going to be doing the exact same thing starting some time next week, fed up of getting rid of soil so want to be all hydro. Already use an RDWC, so the veg tent is now sitting doing nothing, gona' put a few DWC pots in there and throw in some autos.     I know you've said you want yield, but IME with autos this is not a good place to start. I could recommend a few that yield really well, but your'll end up with mid range buds at best, I find the solid Indica's and 50/50 type hybrids give the best results from autos, heavy hazes and sativa's seem to take 12 weeks or more so not really very auto IMO, and I have yet to grow one that gives you nice solid good quality buds. Nice flavours but too airy for me personally.   I would recommend Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel and Cream Mandarine, both can yield really well and have a really nice unique flavour. Dinafem's Blue Kush Auto is lovely, easy to grow and yields a good amount of really sweet potent buds. Recently I've been running Fast Buds, some folks have had issues but for me they're GSC auto is the most potent auto I have grown to date, and they're Gorilla Glue Auto is just as nice and also really potent, also they now have a Gelato auto which atm is top of my "Shall I" list.     With growing DWC the first piece of advice I'd give anyone is check your water. If you have anything above 0.5 EC out the tap I'd strongly recommend getting an RO filter. They are expensive but its almost impossible getting a good balance of nutrients in the res with Hard Water, especially in bloom. But from there out most of the info you need is on the site, stick to the low end of suggested EC numbers, plants in DWC will almost never be underfed, but they burn to a bloody crisp if you go even 0.1 over they're threshold EC. So feed light      Best of luck mate, its a good way to grow, when you've harvested and the only mess you have to get rid of is a handful of stones its makes it worth it. Add this to quicker veg times and good yields its great.     GV.