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UndergroundOriginals Strain Guide

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    • Dodgee
      In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.    
    • GreenVision
      @Era Well first off the crop needs a VERY small amount of Chlorine, and quite a few of the nutrients we buy now for hydroponics specifically can have it in as people are starting to use RO water more an more.   But if you feel an RO system is filtering all the chlorine from the water (which would be impressive) then you can just add some unfiltered water to your res before mixing your base nutrients.   As it stands I've not seen a problem yet, and the positives of filtering water for hydroponics for me far outweigh a possible Chlorine def, even more so for hard water areas, and Chlorine def is something that can be sorted by adding maybe 10% unfiltered tap water.   I'm sure you have read that def's in hydro come on quick, but they fix fast as well so I just watch close and touch wood as of yet not noticed anything close to chlorine issues. 
    • SBBudz420
      I don't think theres any harm in just flicking the light off manually for a few minutes during your lights on period in order to check over things. I know exactly what you mean about the plant looking different, can miss a lot of things when lights are on especially if you're using shitty blurple lighting like myself 
    • Jimboo
      Various Artist - Everybody Slides (Almost) (Full Album)      V.A - (Almost) Everybody Slides (Full Album) 1993. Track list.
      01. Sonny Landreth – Zydeco Suffle  (S. Landreth)  0:13
      02. Roy Rogers – Crawfish City  (R. Rogers)  3:21
      03. Anson Funderburgh – Red Hot Mama  (Elmore James)  7:08
      04. Danny Gatton – Notcho Blues  (D. Gatton)  10:19
      05. Chris Holzhaus – Long Sad Letters  (C. Holzhaus)  18:01
      06. Duke Robillard – You’re The One That I Adore  (D. Robillard)  24:25
      07. Ronnie Earl – Linda  (R. Earl)  29:57
      08. Lenny Carlson & Ry Cooder – Mood Indigo  (Duke Ellington)  34:51
      09. Denny Freeman – Blues Island  (D. Freeman)  39:43
      10. Tinsley Ellis – Cool On It  ( T. Ellis)  43:48
      11. Tom Principato – Congo Square  (Sonny Landreth)  48:25
      12. Joanna Connor – Dr. Feelgood  (A. Franklin / T. White)  54:20
      13. Johnny Winter – Going Down Slow  (J. Winter)  59:27
      14. Michael Bloomfield & Woody Harris – Gonna Need Somebody On My Bond  (Traditional)  1:05:27