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UndergroundOriginals Strain Guide

To Purchase UGORG seeds please click the banner below to be taken to their online shop


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    • zibzabz
      @HSO-Mark Unfortunately she got the chop yesterday. nighttime temps are getting down to 3-4c, and she didn't like that one bit! She hadn't really grown in a week  and I was seeing the first signs of mould.  I whipped off all the bud, that's been in the freezer over night. already got a couple of grams of super stinky finger hash, now I have the task of running it all through 1 gallon bubble bags     
    • cypher79
      Surely they're just enticing people to want to start growing by saying shit like that??   Obviously there wasn't millions of £'s worth of bud in that shed, but I'm sure many non-growing viewers eyes will have lit up when he said that, especially in these times of austerity.
    • harvestreaper
      trail cam sales goin up  me thinks 
    • harvestreaper
      sorry to hear you to,, i wont go into numbers  but they have done very well outta me  im thinking  this years xmas decorations  should be made out of rippers