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UndergroundOriginals Strain Guide

To Purchase UGORG seeds please click the banner below to be taken to their online shop


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    • TotalNoob
      Did you decide on when to run your lights?
    • Auto gorilla
      I grow in rdwc and use RO water as my tap water is absolutely shocking EC0.8  so doesn’t leave me much to play with by using RO water which gives me a base of 0 I can add specific plant nutrients to give me the EC I want and ino there crap in there. I would test you tap water and make your mind up from there I think that’s the only way to be sure what your going to use. 
    • murphyblue
      Might have gone a bit OTT on the planting in my border veg/flower plot will take a couple of pics later. Finished my dig at bottom of garden awaiting manure at moment. The rose has opened this morning and is a lovely yellow colour.  
    • blackpoolbouncer
      This is bad advice. Don't go adding a few spoonfuls of dolomite to shop bought compost unless your wanting to alter the ph of your compost. Shop bought compost should already be set at the correct ph so adding DL to it is gonna hinder not help.   Come on yosser. You've been at this game long enough to know better