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    • Moobman
      Cheers pal that will probably do a good few oz then should be enough to keep him in bud for pain and i will let him know about the site sponsor thanks
    • vince noir rock n roll star
    • Boomslang
      Hi mate, this particular mango doesn't really smell of mangos to me but that might be pheno dependant and seen as I only grew one, I might not have grown a mango pheno. She is however covered with trichomes. She's still throwing some pistils but got hit by mould quite badly. LCOG smelt amazing as she developed her buds. Then the strength of the smell was significant towards the end. I find it hard to describe it though. I haven't tried any of them yet but will soon make a smoke report at some point when I get back end of next week.    
    • Arthur Mix
      I googled it and it said 240w and there a video where it shows much lower used.  It’s old tech will grow buds but not like newer units..maybe check the wattage and if it not as advertised return it . Have a look at what the site sposor does Diyleduk