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    • Coco_
      Cal-Mag agent is designed to bring RO and soft water up to an EC of 0.3-0.4. With an estimated EC of over 0.5 you have more than enough Ca. Adding more will only (and possibly has) cause lock-out. You should try cutting that out along with keeping their root systtem warmer.
      The problem is it's in the form of Calcium Carbonate which is not mobile and hard for the plant to uptake. Adding amino acids can help chelate the calcium to make it bio-available and stops any formation of limescale in your tank.   Best of luck
    • catfish
      thanks for you reply @diyleduk.   so can i ask what space a single strip would light up ? just asking .   i was thinking 4 strips in with my 4 315w ?
    • icki
      Thanks mate nice one.
    • FigmentofFig
      I would edit the title and first post of this thread but... I have no idea how