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    • BeardedBeardiae
      Hope you dont get any more nana's for the rest of flower as they are looking like nice plants. Will be keeping a closer eye on my IBK when I start her.
    • Smokebelch
      @tokenroll@Punts@jadenugsThanks for the kind words dudes. I am happy if I pull 15oz plus from my grow space so yeah I am happy with my haul and it’s more than enough to keep me going.    I will be back soon with some butter making adventures and some more vape reports when it’s been curing a bit longer.
    • AustrianTokker
      Here is my Psicodelicia   
    • AustrianTokker
      Thanks for all the compliments!      The girls are now 8,5 weeks into flowering and will be chopping the first one today.  Maybe two will be chopped.  I'm quite satisfied with the general situation eventhough the temps have been a bit on the low side.  But that might only delay the finishing times by a week.   Here an overall look.  The yellow leaves on the psicodelicia in front is normal, cause I've been giving her water the past week.  She will be chopped today and perhaps also Black Jack.
          Cream 47 one of the few untopped plants is rewarding me with a nicely sized main cola.  Got a week or so left in her.     Sweet Amnesia is now starting to beef up.  She is a 10 weeker for sure.  Not as many cristals as on other plants but very sweet smell, almost like bubblegum.     This is Gorilla Girl. Also about a week left in her.  quite a spicy smell at the moment.     Indigo Berry Kush also requires a little more time.  But I'm not in rush.     This is the Psicodelicia I'll be chopping today.  Isn't she a beauty?  Super dense nugs full of crystals and not a bad yielder as well.     This is the other Psicodelicia which will stay another week in the tent.  As you can tell, she has a few white pistils sticking out.       Hope you enjoyed the update.