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    • Captain Bonglington
      Indeed....I've just been reading this thread and realised I had a stream of drool running from my mouth. 
    • GrowYaBoat
      John wilson is my second best fisherman after mick brown.His programmes were awe inspiring at times. He used to catch a variety of absolute whackers on traditional tactics like the centrepin reel, like a true old school englishman.He had an ultra strong passion that you could feel in his programmes, as if you were there at the lake. Gonna miss his presence in the fishing world even more now after he retired. A truly great all round angler and a genuine top man.Rip Johnny boy!!
    • Crentz
      Sorry for the lack of updates @HSO-Mark   Things are looking a little different since the last update, I had some trouble running the new Biogreen nutrients and had to switch back to General Hydroponics Flora series   After a lot of setbacks tomorrow will officially be the first day of 12/12   All four plants were grown in 20 litre dwc buckets and two days ago they were switched into the new 75 litre rdwc system by Growrilla Hydroponics, I’m using a 60lpm air pump also   The small runt caught up a little bit.    The last thing on the list to do is setup the Tankbot by Opengrow so I can monitor ph, EC, water temperature and also auto dose ph up and down       Platinum Yeti    Platinum Yeti    Back two are Platinum Yeti and front two are Sour 76   Sour 76   Sour 76   Starting to Thinken up  
    • BarrySHitPeas
      Can someone please tell me how long it takes for a hermie to happen  as in cause of stress to showing balls/nanna's ? Just had a cold patch a few weeks back and and a light leak yesterday and found balls on lower plant today trying to figure out the cause. and can light leaks effect Autos just the same as Photos ?