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Magus Test Grows

If you are testing Magus seeds then post your journals here

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    • Boojum
      Thought I'd copy and paste the article from the link, cos it's spot on       I'd just like to add that as a sufferer of a 'psychotic illness' (bipolar disorder - I've had a number of psychotic episodes), I can honestly say that smoking cannabis didn't cause my psychotic illness, actually the precise opposite is the truth - the fact that I was in the early stages of an undiagnosed psychotic illness in my teens caused me to start smoking cannabis. The cannabis didn't cause the illness, the illness led to cannabis use. The same is true for everyone I know that suffers from serious mental illness and uses cannabis, the cannabis use may have begun before any official diagnosis, but the mental health problems were already there (albeit undiagnosed) and they were what led to the cannabis use, as a subconscious attempt at self-medication, cos it can help calm shit in your head down (ditto drinking from a young age, cos although being a pisshead is no good for your mental health, when you first start feeling like shit ain't right, getting drunk sometimes helps you deal with it - the difference being that long-term cannabis use hasn't worsened my mental health, in fact the right strains are unquestionably beneficial - some aren't, some REALLY don't help, but that's a completely different thing - whereas long-term alcoholism has unquestionably worsened both my mental and physical health. And it's the booze that I can't kick, even though I know it's harming me.).
    • Al Swearengen
      Hey Folks I'm just wondering is anyone using Shamrock Potting Compost with good results ? I was using Shamrock multipurpose Compost previously but couldnt find it in stock anywhere, still can't . I switched to biobizz all mix but I'm tired of it having low levels of magnesium. Although the batches I got did seem to be fungus gnat free unlike the Shamrock Multipurpose Compost I was using previously. The Shamrock potting Compost does state its 30percent richer in fertiliser than the multipurpose and for that reason it's too rich for seedlings and cuttings. This is probably more of a question for the  Irish growers on here as Im not sure it's available in the UK . Any feed back on anyone using Shamrock Potting Compost would much appreciated.      Thanks  Al 
    • jimihendrix
      Yes, but on the other hand Ive payed more than $225 for 10 seeds before, just to get the genetics, and real Sk1 genetics are a powerful breeding tool. Theres a reason Sk1, and NL5 were used in many breeding programs. Real Sk1 has less than 5% deviations, and makes anything you breed it to, much more consistent, plant to plant when making Hybrids. Also not saying there is a bit of variation in original Sk1, but it is a consistent, and true breeding as you will find.
    • Squeaky420
      Looking at starting a auto flower what would people surgest using a nft gt100 canna nutrients with 600w cfl for veg 600w duel spec hps for flower