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Magus Test Grows

If you are testing Magus seeds then post your journals here

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    • Rex Mundi
    • 3potheads
      I swapped over to autopots after moving to the loft and having issues with getting up to water them all the time. Only done 1 full grown and in the middle of another now.   I've stuck with soil and not gone Coco,.one less thing to worry about with pH etc. 2 inch of clay balls in the bottom for sure. I used plagrons batmix for the soil and added extra perlite at around 50/50.   I went for a 4 pot system with 15l pots and the 47l Res. I'm in a 1.1 X 1.2 X 2m sloped room and I personally think 4 is enough, it's more than capable of filling the room out. I'm sure 5 or 6 would work but I feel it would be very crowded with decent veg time.   I only use the 6mm piping but hope to one day upgrade to the 100ltr Res and larger pipe. I've had the 5mm splitter bit clog already although I think that was my fault from not cleaning it properly.   I thought about a timer but finding one for the 6mm pipe and hooking it up to something automated didn't look easy. I was worried about them being in standing water but I've seen no adverse effects so far. Clay balls in the bottom for sure.   I swapped from.organic nutes to hyrdro nutes. I used the hesi range so grow, bloom, root stim, boost, super thrive (or whatever it's called) and some pk13. I'd say I could probably get by on just the grow, bloom and root stim but using it all as I have it. Seen good results from last grow so don't have a reason to swap yet other than its 5ml per L so you use a lot! Also use 1ml per L of calmag as in a soft water area. My ec is 0 out of the tap!   I've got a water heater (50w I think) and a circulation pump in the res. Pump is just to keep the water moving, spread the nutes around and help spreads the heat around from the heater.   2 tents with 2 Res sounds like a good idea, if I only had the space!   Personally they've been brilliant for me. I was never able to water enough when the plants were accessible let alone when they were in the loft. This allows me to set and forget for up to 5/6 days if needs be although I try and get up every other day just to check plants and check res BUT if I can't it doesn't matter. The only worry is the Res running dry and the pump still running and making a shit load of noise!   3ph
    • Hopsarecannabistoo
      i never realised until my third course that the tablets they give you are a type of chemotherapy, photochemo. all i knew is it made me very sick 
    • Hopsarecannabistoo
      ive had 4 courses and had to take 8 of those psolarian tabs, my god it knockled me sick i couldnt even stand without  help. aeful stuff, i have started with psoritic arthritus but its only in my left big toe so far