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    • countrock
      a song dedicated......to me. Q:Why are the leaves so green? A:cause you're feeding in PPM. i was feeding 1 CE.
    • Arthur Mix
      GHE flora nova grow and bloom , GHE is not general hydroponics as far as I can tell ..Also used Euro base by advanced floriculture in yellow bottles , I may use this again but it has by products from the tuna industry 
    • coldroom
      This has just started over last couple of days and is affecting 2 or 3 plants. I'm hoping I can nip it in the bud before it spreads into anything nasty.    I'm week 2 of flower. Run to waste coco using cans coco a + b. I use 25 ml of each per 7 litre of water.   I'm in a hard water area. Nutrient solution is about 23 degrees. Lights on 28 degrees. Lights off 22 degrees. 55% rh.    First problem is necrotic tips on one of the would be bud sites:     2nd issue which may or may not be related is yellow spots on large fan leaves:     That may be water droplet burn from wet spots where leaves touch I'm not sure.    3rd issue is rust on lower growth:     If you can see the left finger of the leaf from centre near the base.    Fourth is just the canopy, is it the right colour?   
    • Nath90
      ahhh I see my friend. You seem a very intelligent individual I'll Google up that Monsanto...  Can I ask what you use for your nutes?    Cheers