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    • countrock
      That kind of a job is always welcome.   And she s getting frostier every day.  
    • golf.007
      I use essentials ec and ph pens, I grow in an outbuilding which apart from the grow box is really cold. I now keep them in the house as I find the cold sends them a bit nuts especially the ec pen. I get about 18months from the ph pen and it seems the ec pen a little longer.   atb
    • GanjaPlanta
      Thanks a lot chaps. Pecunia Arbor that's great information, I never knew a cooler dark period induced more stretch. I'm on my 3rd run and I'm still getting my environment dialled in, but funds are tight at the moment so it's one bit of equipment at a time.  I'm using a thermostat controller and an oil radiator to keep my flower tent at 25°.  I've got a 600w Meizhi led running, but it doesn't put out enough heat to keep my temperature where I want it lights on without the radiator helping. I was thinking of getting a tube heater to run during lights on and then using the oil one at night set 5-10° lower, but if I'm not doing any harm by keeping it at a consitent temp then I'll not bother and just wait these colder months out. In nature there would be a temp drop, so I felt like I would be freaking the girls out without one.  I've got a 260w Quantum board on order, so that might solve it rather than getting another heater.   Since I've got cold issues I was thinking of maybe changing to a sealed environment rather than ripping out air that I'm trying to warm up constantly, but a Co2 monitor and enrichment seem just as pricey and maybe not necessary. 
    • Greenluke
      That explained how when I grew call green crack I got the tight solid buds by keeping temps exactly the same they were that hard they broke a tooth on my grinder in time