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Magus Test Grows

If you are testing Magus seeds then post your journals here

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    • Daddypig
      Hi current set up is  In attic  1mx1mx1.8m 600hps 4inch extraction and filter venting straight outside ( passive intake )  12in fan   Lights on can go as high as early 30s humidity is all ways high 30s   Lights off normally between 18-21and humidity shoots up to 80+   I'm thinking I need to upgrade my extraction to bring temps a bit lower . Then use 4inch as a intake    Do these sound about right I'm think temps are to high    Cheers 
    • FlowwolF
      Ok, so... 100+ degrees C on my thermometer... oops...-ish...   Yeah, I omitted to connect my PID controller to the damned thing, seemed overkill when I thought about it, and the vac/pot seemed to have stabilised at a good temp, but it must have started rising more after I left and when I went back to check at around 5 p.m. all the alcohol had gone, just some quite dark, rather hot and runny oil in the bowl, and a *lovely*, rich stench in the workshop (SMH!)...   Anyway, I brought it home and weighed it and there's a shade or two over 4 g, meaning it *was* 5g I dissolved in the first place, and I lost about 0.8g in waxes and also no doubt, in fucking terpenes too, so my hopes of preserving flavour are a bit blown, the whole lots seems to have decarbed (although doing so under vacuum, there's no 'nutty'/toasted smell TF), and yeah it's significantly mellower on the lungs, but not near enough! I'd say it's lost maybe 30% or so of the harshness, but I'll need to conjure up more witnesses to balance that opinion. Living and learning as ever!   Anyways that was it for my first run, pure-bud BHO (from artound 1lb of bud) - the last of it used for this experiment, but now I have the whole lot to run through the tube again for a second extraction, but for the final run it gets an eggcup or so of ISO on top of the greenary first, then close up the tube, wait a minute and blast - this seems to get just about anything left in there out that I'd want out (and uses less iso or butane than if I used either alone), plus extra of the waxy and green junk as well - last round I got about 1/4 the amount of oil out as the first run, but I'd say with seemingly close to double the waxy crap, and a mellower balance of cannabinoids - it's this stuff I really wanted to dial this process in for to get the last out of the rest of this lb before I compost it for my strawberries ',;~}~   Hoping my buchner arrives before I've run too much of this using the standard funnel - it works but it's awkward and keeping the filter paper wet with alcohol at the top to maintain suction seal was difficult and probably compromising to the results in the end, but WTF this has been fun!   I'll try and get some pics up eventually, cheers ',;~}~    
    • Exhale
      I also deserve to win because I       
    • diyleduk
      @Roman78 Based in Chesterfield, just south of Sheffield. There's a cash option on the site now. Gives 5% off cash orders.