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    • NiceCuppaTea4Me
      Hard work? What a crock of shit. I would love to spend a year doing nowt but growing weed and learning more about it.
    • Bhang Buddie
      High, hello, welcome and good morning-ish to you.........read peoples diaries and all the info on here, then 'pop' a seed, put it in a pot, then stand back and watch  Bom Shiva
    • FARMER G
      @Dr organic   Hi mate   There seems to be some sort of delay of the delivery of seeds once they have been sent out  this is a few times its happened where they have been sent and its taken a while to reach the destination.   There has been ongoing issues surrounding the HQ  at tech level as mentioned and this is usually not how UGORG operates. Hopefully they will turn up before the weeks out...they have been sent other wise the email would have said otherwise.   Keep me posted apologies for any delays guys to those who have ordered seeds and are still waiting    Farmer 
    • bongme
      hi   Published on 18 Sep 2018   Does cannabis help or hinder your sleep?     Bongme