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    • doominik
      @Poisonata I went through quite a few pages of filter descriptions and as you say most of them are to remove heavy metals and chloride but not what we need for hydroponics. 
      I can see that ro system that would be working as in line filter would have to be very big and very very expensive. i have found under tap filter that they claim it removes 95% of all salts inc carbonates-scale but there are no proof of it. it looks like the best way is to get a water tank and put that ro system on for 2-3 days  per week. 
      Do you know if them systems that cost £50-70 on amazon or eBay do te job in terms of filtration? I’m aware that they don’t do any great volumes
    • smokie1 b c f c
      as said by others in this thread you only need a good grow and bloom nutes to grow great canna.  all i use is bio bizz grow, or fish mix, and b bizz bloom, plus a splash of seaweed extract now n then. i allso spray the plants all through veg with seaweed extract, keeps them nice and green, and full of vigour. i used to use boosters and pk years ago ,but not no more. since i ditched all the chemicals my weed tastes great,and my lungs aint as fooked.  the biggest buds ive ever grew were when i used to mix in bat guano powder into my soil at the last pot up before flowering, i used to mix a capfull into hot water and mix into my bio bizz grow/ bloom mix in flower too, nothing ive used since has given buds like that, they were rock hard and very sweet tasting. vintage bat guano it was called, i stopped using it when guanokalong came along full of dead beetles tho.    
    • cypher79
      I give my flowering plants in 12ltr fabric pots 4-4.5ltr of water every 72 hours.... seems to be about right.
    • bushdoc
      Ugorg blues all grow similar, light feeder, doesn’t like cold