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    • Inspiration101
      I think you let the taller bigger ones get too close to the light.   All those f£ckwd leafs make it challenging to tell, the thing is as the leaves die they will shrivel up into the bud and then there's potential for bud rot - Do a close inspection and check no unusual brown or grey colour buds, prise the buds apart for a good look. Very carefully.   Can you please provide one of the whole crop and some real up close of a few buds?
    • Dodgee
      Assuming your house is warm anyway I would just put the single cut in a pint glass with some cling film over the top and place under a normal desk lamp.   You don't need a whole tent/propagator set up.for a single clone too root.   Have a look at @ratdog party cup method   
    • Revive
      never got to update this last night, we can blame that on the half a bottle of JD I drank.. Well its been quite wet over the past week and winds have been picking up again..worried about rot and also snapped branches due to weight of the buds I wanted to take a look wat was wat.. have a couple that are more or less fully cooked so they was my main concern.. so after inspection I found 1 of the side branches that had a fairly big bud attached appeared to be hanging in half.. thinking it was bud or stem rot I was forced to snip it off as it was to hight to inspect properly.. well i was happy to see it had just infact snapped to to wind mainly plus the girl next to it was leaning all over it due to these winds.. pulled her up straight again using some stakes and a bungee.. well i think today i will be taking this girl down.. examined the bud once home and id say she is about 20% amber 70% cloudy and maybe 10% or less clear trichs.. Kinda where I wanner be really.. the rest have really caught up to be fair and don't look as far apart as b4, not ideal for the trimming scenario as I have a fair bit to manage here.. the blueberry is looking good now throwing out some nice budlettes and the furthest back being the chem og is also comming along now.. Well that is pretty much it for now will get some pics of the chop later on today.. have a great Sunday you lovely lot.. peace out stilll no purple pheno to be seen however looks like some colour is comming through slightly on this bud.. may be my eyes as im coloured blind.. am i seeing things
      Sunday gold right there.