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Strain Base

"A Compendium of Cannabis Varieties"


  1. Strain Base Download

    Download the Original Strainbase Here.

    New World - Europe - Asia - Africa

  2. Strain Talk

    Grown Some Hot Genetics ? ( or maybe not so hot) Tell us about them here .
  3. Breeding

    Creating your own strains

  • Posts

    • Owderb
      It isnt even a town its a village. They cant even get that right.    Owd
    • Herbsman
      Wow, been here years but seemed to have missed that thread.
    • purepotstill
      Just at thing : just keep the captive cap if you plan to use your vapcap with an IH. It's just a PITA with the normal cap...
    • blackpoolbouncer
      Thats for checking the ph of soil. Not for ph'ing inputs Like for example if you need to check whether your veg beds are in the right range.  They aren't made for container growing unless your making your own compost and want to check the ph of it before using it.    When people say you don't need to ph in soil they mean you don't need to adjust the ph of your feed. As for the soil ph meter. If your growing in bagged commercial compost the ph is already set......so again. You don't need the soil ph meter other than being nosy.      What exactly are you using a soil ph meter for in an indoor grow?