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Strain Base

"A Compendium of Cannabis Varieties"


  1. Strain Base Download

    Download the Original Strainbase Here.

    New World - Europe - Asia - Africa

  2. Strain Talk

    Grown Some Hot Genetics ? ( or maybe not so hot) Tell us about them here .
  3. Breeding

    Creating your own strains

  • Posts

    • Oldbear
      @teehee   Hey mate since you seem to be the H&G dude, can I ask, can you or would you use the amino as a foliar in veg?    I got some free samples from a hydro shop but I've never used it as I grow organic ish   Thanks in advance  Obie 
    • Miles `n Smiles
      Hi,with regards to the free standing beds i`d forget drainage material otherwise you`ll be chasing your tail in a warm spell especially with stuff like salads and just fill with a 2/4 mix compost(or rotted manure)/top soil...line em out with damp proof membrane(screwf@x),the pallet collars,thick layer of card,then fill with same mix.
    • Herbal-Kid
      Gonna be ordering over the weekend get them ready till i sprout them. Ive had a look over at the dinafem site too, couple of tasty looking strains there i might try aswell... And been doing plenty of prep work ready too im keen to get things going
    • Sp1n
      Wishbone Ash - The King Will Come