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  1. Alfemco

    Support forum for  Alfemco available exclusively from the  UK420 Seed Shop

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  4. Fleur du Mal Seeds

    Support forum for Fleur du Mal Seeds

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  8. Seedsman Seeds

    Support forum for Seedsman Seeds

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    Support forum for Underground Originals


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    • highcontrast
      i read it that the hot plate reaches 180c, i dont think the thermostat would be able to dial it down, i figure their either off or on until the temps met, don’t quote me on that tho     I've been using f-strips for a while, i used to use a 100w cmh which worked great too in small spaces but the strips provide a better spread.
        Have you seen diyleduk’s new QX boards? Ive put an order in, their 300x250.   Like you mine don’t run too much passed 50%,no longer stealthy if i have to run my extraction to loud. 
    • Ch@ppers
      That's the one I have in storage, I flicked through it once, quite sparse on detail. 
    • frankie-smiles
      Much thanks for the reply's. You have all given me some things to mull over. I'll see what the on-line shop is selling at the moment during the old embargo that is currently in place 
    • Subliminal Criminal
      I've got two secret jardin oscillating monkey fans. They're alright