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      Study: Medical Cannabis Associated with Prolonged Reductions in Opioid Use   Falmouth, ME: Patients who initiate the use of medical cannabis experience sustained reductions in their use of opioids, according to data published in the journal Cureus.   A pair of investigators assessed survey data from over 500 patients registered with three state-licensed medical cannabis practices in the northeastern region of the United States. Those surveyed had been prescribed opioids for chronic pain treatment for at least three months. Forty-five percent of those surveyed reported decreasing their opioid usage following the initiation of cannabis therapy and another 40 percent of respondents acknowledged ceasing their use of opioids altogether – findings that are consistent with dozens of other studies.   The majority of respondents (65 percent) reported that they sustained these changes for over one year.   Authors reported: “To our knowledge, this is one of the largest surveys of chronic pain patients who used opioids continuously for a minimum of three months and combined it with medical cannabis. Our results show a remarkable percentage of patients both reporting complete cessation of opioids and decreasing opioid usage by the addition of medical cannabis, with results lasting for over a year for the majority   We believe our results lend further support that medical cannabis provided in a standardized protocol can lead to decreased pain and opioid usage, improved function, and quality of life measures, and even complete cessation of opioids in patients with chronic pain treated by opioids NORML
    • twigs
      Study: Cannabis Use Not Associated with Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease     Miami, FL: A history of cannabis use is not associated with an elevated risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, according to data published in the journal Cureus.   A team of investigators affiliated with Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine assessed the relationship between cannabis use and the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease in a nationally representative cohort of nearly 57,000 adults. Authors identified no independent relationship between cannabis exposure and the prevalence of cardiovascular disease after adjusting for potential confounders, such as body mass index, tobacco smoking, and alcohol use.   Researchers determined: “After controlling for several confounding variables, we found that there was a decrease in the prevalence of cardiovascular events with cannabis use (Odds Ratio: 0.74).”   They concluded: “Our study found that there is no link to cannabis use and an increase in cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, there may be a link between cannabis use and lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, but the data was not statistically significant when adjusting for confounding variables. This study does, however, implicate the need for future studies with other methods and/or larger sample sizes to provide more insight into this potential association.” The findings are consistent with several other studies – such as those here, here, and here – concluding that cannabis use is not independently associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders.   Separate data published last month in the same journal similarly reported that subjects with a history of marijuana use possess no greater elevated risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).   The results of a systematic literature review of 67 studies published in November in The American Journal of Medicine concluded, “cannabis itself does not appear to be independently associated with excessive cardiovascular risk factors,” although authors did caution that “it can be associated with other unhealthy behaviors such as alcohol use and tobacco smoking that can be detrimental” to cardiovascular health NORML
    • buddy13
      cold temps, under watering and/or generally trying to grow the grow shop way and the 2 really dont mix.....   but still cant say i see it that much; like you say?
    • CBDGUY
      id recomend a mixture of water swell gell and have a tray underneth it to catch water when it rains.  the rest is down to luck.