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    • Arbre Medicinal
      Should be a cracking Super Bowl.     
    • OldFord
      I do try to harden off , more so over the last few seasons.    This is simply by choice and i suppose necessity due to me planting out so early in order to try get a target of 1st june for flipping in light dep.  Being so early , obviously the temps / conditions can be a tad less favourable for our girls , i did see that the hardened off plants seem to carry way more energy in developing , poss due to being hardened and not trying to stabilize & grow at the same time if that makes sense.     Not really a fan boy as have only done 1 run of Dutch Passion to date and i can only speak of Dutch Passion in respect of the Passion #1  &  Auto Euforia done once outdoors but what i did see were outdoor plants that have had the most vigour i have seen in a long time ! The passion #1 was relentless and i will do her in the dirt at some point as i see the potential for a monster ,  i was constantly fighting her to slow down   The little auto euforia's story speaks volumes and seeing how bad she was compared to how she completed was highly impressive. Both will def be seeing repeat runs.           By far the loudest auto i have ever done. I will also add that the only other plant i have seen come close to the explosive energy & vigour of the DP stuff was .. believe it or not Barneys    Cookies Kush.    
    • gb1
    • Military Grade
      I vape a smoke blunts, if I could only have one it would be blunts.   I use these two types of Hemp blunt wraps for my daily blunt walks, I found these ones don't effect the taste of your weed that much and are very smooth.