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    • stummer
      Just finished researching all of the first series. Funny enough soon as I started watching it I remembered it well. Still get filled with anger when the poor kids dog got killed . Know its just a movie but I'd be doing easy jail time if was my dog.   Anyway another thing I found funny is them mentioning sending the younger country. It's been going on years but suddenly its an epidemic and major news. Wonder why its suddenly getting more attention . No doubt more are getting involved but I think the media partly fuel that. Reporting it and having kids read about what's being earned. Rather than focusing more on the shit they have to go through and perhaps trying to build more empathy for addicts. So that we have a nation of people who care more for each other.   YouTube and mainly rap music also plays a part. Even artists who aren't big are seen as celebs on road. Not blaming music as such but in a way it  does normalize the shit going on. Raps changed big time even in just the years since top boy. From rapping about life being a struggle to every cunt being a dealer and talking how they push keys. Even before when rappers rapped about them dealing it wasn't in such a bragging manor. In some ways I think that's those who've not had shit also being inspired. This time by social media and celebs and "the good life". Need a lot more help to push young people on the right path and keep them there imo.   Anyway just something that came to mind watching it.
    • SevernValleySavant
      I did.... Good to see the fight go the way it should've. I don't mind those antics in the cage so much because I know they're ultimately self defeating in the long term, even if they are a bit fun to watch while they last.
    • Sweet Seeds Apolo
      Although it does not have a red hue, it looks amazing.    We love knowing that you liked our Do-Sweet-Dos. 

      Sweet smokes! -Apolo
    • Top Shotta
      I think gorilla tape or velcro will be a better idea  I can't even cut a cardboard box