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  • Posts

    • zen-ken
      @GreenVision I am very grateful to have you along bro and thank you for joining me.   With my meds robbing my mind you guys are saving my arse on a regular basis      This grow will get to the end because of all of your help......I love you for that....man really needs this to keep going....I can get BHO at a stupidly good price TBF but I just cant afford it in the quantities I need.
    • Phoenix
      You're attempting no till but your soil has been drying out at your weekends away.  This is killing the beneficial bacteria in your soil.  A blumat watering system might suit your style of grow. Me I just keep it simple. Sorry you lost your stash bud.
    • Conspiranought
      That's the thing about the internet. People can post shit and claim to know what They're on about because they say they work in this or that profession. Then misleading others who happen to read it. 
    • zen-ken
      stealthy water change complete......just banging the stereo out to cover the noise.....the neighbours in his 20's so he doesnt mind.   The E.C and PH dance has begun.....AGAIN...   Im gonna need more PK 9-18 now and why I threw out my shooting powder could have used that up on the last week....never mind (was just so pissed about what happened last time I binned everything....the rest was compromised but the shooting powder would have still been good).