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  • Posts

    • Amarillo slim
      i believe the expression is sex on a stick.  
    • *DJ*
      right then, @craigfjyp @Al Swearengen @Dinafem-Mark thanks for the luck, tents up, 2 x broken poles fixed, bleached, (its been in the shed)  seeds are having a little swim just now, il flop them in some paper towels a bit later, once popped there all going into coco under a 150w mh for a few weeks, then once my system is empty, il put the best 6 in there for my diary, after taking cuttings of course, il carry on vegging the 4 left for a few weeks more, before they go into the bloom room to, I might be able to rig some sort of dripper for them, but if not il hand water, its no bother, right, pictures  iv wrecked 2 cameras in 2 grows, my phone takes crap pictures, so im going to try a ipod and tablet to see if there any good, if not spose il have to cough for another camera  anyways camera aside, we are off and running!   dj...
    • catfish
      last night i had seared rump stake  with green beans cherry tomato and roast potato salad . it also had oregano green olives garlic and balsamic vinegar.      
    • The lone stoner
      Hemp?   that's new age hippy stuff and IDK if you're aware but hemp is actually marijuana!   fancy coming on a site like this and recommending reefer no less.   bloody scoundrel