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    • SYZYGY
      @Hydro-H Thanks for the reply bud. My thoughts were on P deficiency too. All the plants are sensitive to N and the EC spike certainly hasn't helped. In hindsight, using some PK and keeping a low EC would have provided a better balanced feed. I've never needed it before.  I already have 4 circ fans in there so plenty of movement, but my RH does get up 60% on a regular basis. I'll max the extraction for the last leg    @Knuckles79 These girls were kept at 8-10" until flip with LST, multiple topping, super croppings and scrogged. They're still massive (4x stretch for some), even in 9L airpots. That said, I've noticed on all my runs using Ecothrive Charge in coco (and LED for that matter) is that root production is so fast it catches me out - two weeks to root out a container turns in to one and the plants suffer (P & micro deficiency symptoms) if I don't pot up quick enough... has happened to my girls in veg too.     
    • lemoore00
      Yeah my two Dinafem planta i trained loads and I can tell the difference massively
    • lemoore00
      Haha I dunno man the buds are airy as fuck !
    • Pot Luck
      must admit, despite a few software specific teething problems (which isn’t really a windows 10 issue) i quite like it. 
        once you get rid of all teh data sniffing stuff it’s pretty quick and easy to flick around between apps, find what i want efficiently.   i like the screen snapshot tool as i often send screen shots to support people when working on the website.. i also like the multiple clipboard to copy and paste more than one item. the start menu is now a collection of the software i use every day. Even put web shortcuts in there to supplier sites etc.. all nice and simple - click and drag.   on windows 7 my network adaptor took at least a minute to connect.. updating seems to have fixed that.   i lost my network drive mapping - though the network shares I’d setup were still there (just not the ones with custom drive letters). A few issues with out networked quoting software - so if you’re in trade and use any quoting apps over a network, do a trial run. Win 10 syncs network content which was causing chaos with the database on the server.. had to run a patch to sort that out.