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    • panik
      Is he opening a restaurant or something, it all seems to have fuck all to do with growing plants     its all to do with the colour orange 
    • phenom
      i will keep trying
    • blackpoolbouncer
      I thi k some people confuse what psychedlic means with hallucinatory.   A drug doesn't have to give you hallucinations to be psychedelic, even though weed and all other classic psychedlics has the power.   A threshold dose of mushrooms is incredibly similar to smoking weed in experience   Eat a load and it becomes a classic psychedelic, complete with the haucinatory properties people here seem to think that word stands for.     Can you compare smoking a joint to smoking dmt or a large hit of lsd, no.   Try taking 100ug of acid and then have a brownie with 3g of bud in it and tell me which one you think is the more powerful psychedelic.   Dose plays a large role and most anyone that only smokes it is only touching on threshold levels really.   .........as testament by anyone who has ever eaten more than they should will tell you.   I reiterate. If you think psychedelic means to see crazy shit then I suggest you seek it's true meaning.    If all psychedlics do for you is make you halicinate then they are not psychedelic for you, just hallucinatory experiences. That's isn't to say more is not trying to be shown to you    
    • Ch@ppers
      Just got off the phone to the 'Binsk.he said your all a biunch of piss takers,and he has just launched his new line of ice-cream and is hoping to rival Ben and Jerrys in the cornet market