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    • Exhale
      I heard that too, that's why it's still a weekly staple in my diet!
    • Kipper420
      Wire wool ring around the base might help or sand. NOT salt. Salt will leach into the soil and do more harm than good.   Pellets are ok but remember theyre going to attract slugs to where you put them. So maybe put them somewhere where you dont want the slugs to be. I dont like using them. prefering a more natural approach.   Have you seen slug sign? Is the environment ripe for slugs? Have you thought about companion planting? Patience is your friend. Try not to over fuss. It's hard I know.       
    • InTheSystem
      I think the misleading part in all this is that its comparing the thing to a 600w HPS which is not correct. How is 220w out the wall going to ever pull 600g (HID Equivalent).. Let's say that could pull 1.5 gpw, it would yield 330g odd.. So just over a touch of half the yield a 600w light could potentially yield, hardly a equivalent is it... I assume this is for sales, marketing etc?  

      It reminds me of the CMH comparison also. 315w cmh is not comparable to 600w HPS... 2 will blow it away though.

    • tokenroll
      Sigma 105mm f2.8 is as cheap as it gets for a good macro lens. But you can also use the 50mm Canon lens with a reverse mounting adaptor and works really well for trichomes. Toke...