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    • Bud Buddy

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    • Billy2Hats
      This guy escaping from a courtroom cracked me up...     ...someone needs to put it on an extended loop with the Yakkety Sax tune from Benny Hill...
    • KC
      Check your timer isn't sticking, they can fuck up after awhile. I find when I change my timings it usually fucks the timer up. I can not touch a timer and it works for years.   Plug a radio into the contactor (if it's got a spare socket) so if it comes on during lights out you know you've got a problem. That wasn't my idea btw, I seen someone mention it on here (genius)
    • Slippy One
      Hope they do pull through but I always thought they must be skimming the edges of legality when producing seeds in decent quantities. I’m sure they’ll be fine. 
    • Exile420
      Feel for you mate you guys get the wankest weather, Essex gold should smash on I done them 3 years ago not a speck of mould, ref version I think they were though? Flightys stuff init?   i look forward to the pictures mate