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    • highway_017
    • highway_017
      Mate they look smashing. It's only on the lower half apart from a couple fan leaves which never spread. I'm starting to think it's natural. Picking up cal mag anyway.
      Thank you for the concern but no worries. All is going swimmingly.
    • doominik
      CMH would be much better then that led you have. I have added one to my tent and plants seams to love it.   
    • Exhale
      Hi @bubbleguppie   The only way to increase yield is to veg your plants longer or keep a mum that's a heavy yielder, I really don't think you can push a plant past its genetic capability with bud boosters this and snake oil that.   There's no magic ways, it's all a con.   Best thing to do is make sure your environment is spot on and your plants have adequate light for what you wish to achieve.   I have the same size floorspace as yourself and to try and break my old personal best this time round I increased plant numbers. 9 plants in 3.5L pots instead of 4 in 6L. I figured I could pull an oz off each plant by rooting out the pots in 3 weeks and then flowering then I'd have a personal best of 9oz.   My attempt to break my record was altered by the fact I upgraded to LED and flowered with a much more efficient light compared to the 250w HPS I was using.   That doubled my personal best almost (250w which was 300w actual draw best yield was 8oz - the LED almost produced 15oz).