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    • samokybacon
      @Owderb thanks for the prompt response mate, really appreciate the knowledge of you experienced guys and everyone on this forum!   Im inclined to agree with you as upping the nuets over the last 4/5 days has had very little effect other than the above mentioned light neut burn and a constantly climbing EC. I had been at an EC of 1.5 like you mentioned but thats when the ladies started to pale and hence why i upped the feed after peeps commented they looked hungry.   Just to clarify I've not used Cal Mag at any point in the grow. & yes i couldn't agree more about adding this that and the other, ive been trying to keep it simple,, well trying!!    Air Temps,, lights on 24-26c. Lights off 17-19c.  Res Temps,, Lights on max 20.05c Lights off 18.5c (i monitor the res temps obsessively as ive had probs with root rot before and suspected it a little while ago this time around)   For the last two weeks all i've used is AN Bloom A&B + silver bullet for the first week and in the recent week gone by i've replaced the silver bullet with Botanicare Hydroguard as i've been trying to make sure the suspected root rot i had was done & dealt with. To be honest the only reason ive been using AN neuts is because a member on here recommended them so highly.    Sooooo,,, on writing this i'd already faff'd around making a mix and bringing the res EC down to 1.7. So tomorrow i will follow your advice and drop it right down to 1.2.   My questions are as follows.   1, how long do i leave it at 1.2?  2, if i drop it to 1.2 tomoz and then the next day it's fallen to 1.1 do i then start to up it to 1.3 or do i wait?  3, Or do i take it as they are showing me they are hungry and start upping it by 0.1 every day as the week progresses until i find it stabilising?   Thanks again... @stu914 whats your thoughts mate? I know your a AN man and had plenty of experience with them.
    • vortex
      plenty of great , helpful people on here all you need to do is ask if theres any questions .... welcome on board
    • Firsttimegrower96
      Hi I’m currently growing in coco and my plants are 4 week old 1 is behind the others as you can see from the pictures and my leaves on the bottom are yellowing and I have included a pic of the leave that has come off could someone please tell me what causes this as I have already lost one plant that just stopped growing and died and I don’t want to loose another I need I know so I can fix it urgently.
    • Openairbud
      Spot on mate are you planning more toppings? Looking good