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    • Magneto420
      Hi Everyone.    First time grower here (well technically second time)    So I bought an Aerogarden for the Mrs last year, she liked it but it was so effective that we just couldn't keep up with it and eventually decided to abandon it, at that point I decided to give weed a crack in it, the final product was okay but the buds didn't really grow very big and I had a few gifted (auto) seeds left over.    So this time I decided to go all out or as much as I could.    I have a grow tent in the top bedroom of the house, purchase some fabric pots, clover soil and a new light as well as some advanced nutrients bloom.    There was two but one didn't sprout the remaining one seems to be doing pretty well, I've done some light training and the bud sites seem to be pretty well spaced etc.    The problem came at the veg state (or what I assume is the veg state) growth has slowed down a bit but the issue seems to be with watering, I spritz the whole plant one day and came back in the evening and all the leaves were wilting, I assumed it was over watering so I left it and the next day it seemed to perk up, I left it again for 24hrs and when I returned again it looked wilted, I them gave it a good water and it perked up.    I didn't have to worry about water in the aerogarden but in soil it's really breaking my brain.    Currently the plant looks okay it has light tips on the very tips of the leaf spikes, the lowest leaves are wilted and a couple are dead.    Il try and post a few pics but in terms of watering what would everyone suggest? Also from the pics how much longer do you think I have to full growth/harvest?    I'm pretty sure I harvested my last plant early but the pistels had browned and the tricombes were milky.    Any help is greatly appreciated and apologies for the essay.    Mag
    • Crow River
      I have been trying my hand at home distilling, just using an air still type pot still.   Started out distilling some of the apple pomace wine I made last year, ended up with passable home made Calvados, now ageing with some oak chips, should be ready to drink next month. I had so many apples last year I tried making proper apple brandy, literally fermenting pulped apples in a barrel. That also produced a nice Calvados, also ageing with oak chips just now.   This weekend I distilled a kind of "Bourbon" moonshine which was made by re-using the backset (leftover wash after distilling) from my apple pomace Calvados runs and adding tomato paste (yeast nutrient), sugar, water and bread yeast. Basically a "sour mash" process. Now have a couple of large jars of moonshine which I'll let condition for a bit, might age with oak chips too, imparts a wonderful smokiness.   Just re-used the backset from that second distillation to try something new. Same as last time, except instead of tomato paste I harvested nettle tips, and blended with a little water. Apparently nettles make a great yeast nutrient. People use kale, but nettles are free...   Will be interesting to see if any of the nettle flavour comes through in the final spirit.   Oh and I have a glut of rhubarb just now, so used some to make a rhubarb wash for rhubarb moonshine. Again just bread yeast, rhubarb was boiled with the sugar beforehand. Also intrigued to find out what it tastes like after distillation.   As I am getting fairly practised at this, I will maybe start making my own high strength alcohol for stuff like Green Dragon / Swamp water and similar extractions. Can't get much above 70% ABV with my air still, but that's fine. Much cheaper than buying grain neutral spirit or Jamaican rum...   P.S.:- Recently finished the last of the cider made in the autumn. Really can't beat decent home made cider! Amazing the difference in flavour from one batch to another, a lot seems to depend on the variety of apple used.    
    • PHatDriver
      Peroxide water mix sounds expensive just for cleaning ya space there dude. Bleach cost a faction and does the same job. I just started a new run and I'm already think of what to pop next. Was also thinking of Sour Diesel or NYC Diesel. Not sure if I've ever had diesel before. Have to wait till next grow. I bought Nev's Haze but it takes just under 100 days! Nightmare. There are fast versions out there but then that's not Nev's Haze any more. I think Nev never finish refining it anyway, so anyone should be granted the free rain to breed it they see fit. Had too look up Sowahh (out of stock) and Double Dead, sounds okay, not sure about the breeder tho. Not over keen of foxtail buds, they're okay, but I prefer them Rock Hard to Slightly Airy.
    • openthebox
      Can’t fault Mephisto or spin off night owl seeds