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    • Rex Mundi
      it was Sultans of Swing they were playing when I saw them in Dortmund... I left the army in '79, and I think I saw them in '78, but without checking their history I can't be sure. It was a British rock tour, so other bands there too... I remember hearing "Roxanne" by The Police for the first time at that same gig.
    • bartman
      Special dedication goes out to Thor420 on his very very sad day of departure. Dogs   
    • Green fingered
      I suspect that its nutrient burn. I did have a issue mixing my nutrients, they are in coco so i can flush them.  Is that all i can do?   How bad is it?
    • Joint hogger
      had to look that one up       lucky you, I was a massive fan of their early stuff, then on my first visit to a coffee shop in the early 90's & Sultans of Swing was playing  its weird how somethings stick in your memory 25 odd years later & it still seems like just last week.