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    • AngryDuck

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    • MedicalMike420
      Hi guys,  Mike here.....    I'm currently growing right now with biobizz nutes. I've had nothing but issues throughout my auto grow. They haven't been directly to blame. That's more on my own lack of knowledge in growing.  I'm a mere 2-3 weeks from harvest and haven't started flushing my leaves are yellowing badly.  Someone suggested I'm either not feeding enough biobizz or they've 'reacted' with each other and caused a phosphorus deficiency... Also that my plagron royal ppm will be through the roof atm... Idk...    Anyway... I have another bag of plagron royal (bought accidentally but couldn't return it... Long story).    Are their any plagron royal growers here who have used other methods of feed when. The soil begins to run dry and had multiple grows successful? I'm just wanting to make life as easy as possible but mostly just try new things   Thanks a bunch, stay safe! 
    • PurpleCookieDog
      You will instantly see. when you close up your tent wait a minute or two and you should see the walls get sucked in. They should feel taught. I run a 1.2x1.2x2m with a 4” rvk and literally use the mesh vents around the bottom as passive intake. No need for a fan. I was tempted to start cutting holes in the wall so my intake was not coming from the room the tent is in. But that is too much work, my airflow is fine as is and I think you have nothing to worry about either way, provided you exhaust away from your intake. If you’re into ur DIY then you may consider ducting your intake out from your attic floor. Or alternatively you could exhaust directly outside, meaning you won’t even need to consider intake. ( in my opinion ) that would also eliminate mould risks. Hope you find ur solution mate nice talkin, off to kip, good luck 
    • AngryDuck
      Haha, wish i had an intoxicated brain right now. Gonna have to wait a few months till this is finished.

      Yeah just a standard tent. if passive intakes work then great as i really dont want to get into two ducts and two fans if i can help it. Gonna monitor the first grow with just the exhaust going to the loft and once complete see if i have to upgrade the intake.

    • PurpleCookieDog
      Never mind I’m high. Ur cutting through your loft floor.pardon my stoned brain. I would drill one big hole over many small ones. This will increase intake efficiency.