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    • unity
      I would recommend my local store in Hemel as it's a decent store, ran by nice chaps...but I already met you there last year on one my trips, if you the same guy posting here that travels around    I guess we don't give links here, but the other shop I recommended to you on the day still doesn't have anything by your name on their shelves, they are a reasonable sized outlet based just outside MK.  I can give more details if needed, or pop me a pm and i'll drop your their name / address.
    • Intense Nutrients
      As we're constantly on the quest for new stores, we were wondering if you guys had any suggestions for us? We'd love to hear your ideas and pay your local area a visit   Big love, guys.   IN
    • WartOnDrugs
      I was up all night in agony because of a disease for which I use cannabis, and then as soon as I wake, it's to the news that Paul Flynn has died.  Very very sad day, really depressing news. R.I.P Mr Flynn, you were one of the good guys and you will be missed. The work you did to fight the good fight is already benefiting people who legitimately need cannabis for relief from medical problems, and I'm very grateful that we were lucky enough to have you fighting in our corner. 
    • Biltong Bob
      I'm not a big fan of McDonalds, but if you're going to eat it then may as well pay less for it... Burger/Nuggets + Chips or drink £1.99 reuse same codes time and time again   1 - Go to self service screens   2 - Select 'I have a voucher' usually in top right of screen.   3 - On the next screen press 'enter code manually' which is in bottom right corner of the screen.   4 - Type in '236457 + 2 more digits (see next) and enter.   Add - 45 for Quarter Pounder + fries Add - 14 for Big Mac or Chicken + fries Add - 76 for Double Cheeseburger + fries Add - 52 for Fillet o fish or Nuggets + fries Add - 38 for Big Mac/ Chicken with drink.   5 - Now you have chosen your sandwich choice, check out and pay.