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    • cocopips
      Im vegging some ghost train haze atm but i think its supposed to be more lemony 
    • harvestreaper
      well if it makes ya feel any better i near gave meself a heartattak lugging 3 8 by 8 and one 6 x6 trees off a plott sunday  morning in dark only to get em back an see 95% mold week earlier woulda had  bundles ,not to mention i had to retreive one that was dropped  from the pile next morning  with prob half oz retrievable from that waste of time ,,,,,,,,,still got a bunch out there  til nov to,,the plot in question has such high humidity plants are soaked in mornings even without rain i use it primararly to test now anything that dont go down to mold there i can use anywere ,,,at least you know what does an dont work on that plot now that got value
    • Jack010
      Gutted mate, all plants where massive and the mangos where super frosty and smelt awesome.   the super#61 had beer can sized buds everywhere but all had rot in the center, lost loads    Wrong plot for late finishers as the sun drops behind a tree line this time of year
    • Lean Bear
      For alcohol extract you should dry it, as you want to remove as much water as possible to save it binding with the alcohol. Its the reason that you use 95‰ alcohol {polish vodka spiritus} as well - more efficient extraction.   For the decarb, you can cook the weed in the oven first to decarb then extract. or do the extract and then do the decarb.difference being  that you may have to cook off most of the alcohol  to finish the decarb. Then add back in. I tend to do it in the oven first now. Then reduce the extract to the required strength. You do need to burn a fair bit of alcohol off first else it stings like fook when taking a droppers worth