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    • fatboy77
      If you can, by far the easiest method would be to tie two nets in, one 12 inches above the other.  The plants will grow through them and lean on them later on.  You're in for a battle if you don't prep for it given how shit the stems are now. 
    • Subliminal Criminal
      i have only potted up a couple of weeks ago and theres already signs of the roots coming out of the bottom of these albeit small, 3.8 litre fabric pots. Im in biobizz allmix with biobizz nutes.. no they have not started budding yet..    I have been to check and the plants have filled out and are looking up at the light (even though i have just moved them all)   They seem to be very healthy except for the windburn from the fan on a few leaves.   They are really reaching for the light..   Im just wondering when it comes to flower then i will have to support them somehow... and wished i had done a load of LST earlier as the girls are beginning for it!   Subs
    • Revive
      Evening all.. so today I ran into a lil issue that has forced me to change things up a bit..its a bit of an oversight on my behalf tbh.. earlier on in this diary you will see i built a small stealth seedling box for my lockup.. as I prob explained I dont normally have any growing equipment around me these days, lights and so forth and as I normally only ever run fems photos outdoors this hasn't been an issue.. this season a have a mix of photos, semi autos, and autos so raising them would require a stricter light regime, the compromise to a promise i made to myself years ago that I would never have another piece of growing equipment in my house was this box for the lockup. Right so here is the issue.. in my last post you see that after I had soaked my beans they went into them lil pots on cotton pads for germination, this morning being keen and eager, as im sure most of us are I felt the urge to check them.. just make sure they hadn't dried out or anything and generally see if they was ok.. its pretty warm under the cupboard with the tube heater as it doesn't have a stat on that 1.. well after opening the first 2 pots a had a few that already had a decent tap root showing although some others almost nothing..not wanting to leave the ones with the long tap roots in there any longer than nessaserry i thought best i get them into soil in the root trainers...suddenly realised my problem.. fuk how's this going to work?? My root trainer's need to be in the lockup  up under the light in the seedling box yet my beans are germinating at home..so what am I gonna do with the ones that haven't quite got a tap root yet? They will stay in the pots at home while the others are in the trainers in the lockup.. then as those start to sprout how am I gonna get them into the trainers  what am I gonna keep bringing the root trainers back home to sow them, certainly not, or am I gonna keep taking them from home to the lockup to sow them.. never fuking thought that through very well did I I couldn't germinate the beans in the lockup as its quite dirty and dusty in there so to keep everything as sterile as poss this has to happen at home.. well realising this is just gonna complicate things more than is needed I decided I'd just sow the lot now and just get them all down there in 1 go.. I no lots of folk go this way about it and don't bother with the paper towels part and prefer straight into soil.. some don't even soak there beans in water before they do this.. with that in mind I decided I'd made the right decision. So today they was all sown in biobizz light mix and put in root trainers then taken to the lockup.. the seedling box is running temps of 22.5 C but my R/H is only at 35% wanted this a bit higher but it might be ok as the trainers have lids so I'd have thought its a lil higher under there,  I put a tiny hygrowmeter under there so will check that tomorrow and see how it is.. I have options I can put some water in the bottom trays I I sat the root trainer sets in for now if needed. I have never skipped the paper towel part before myself and have always done it that way but this taking place in 2 diff locations doesn't work. I kinda wished I just went straight in the trainers now after I soaked them as the faff of sorting all those pots and cotton pads out for like 24 hours was a waste of time.. well it seems so.. so with this in mind I'm gonna break an old habit and change the germination process for the autos that are next up.. I will soak these for 24 hours or until they sink then straight into the trainers then to the seedling box.. be interesting to see what works best as im up for the change if it cuts out the fuking about.. so for the photos and S/A its a waiting game..lets see how many break soil and what we are gonna get. What will be will be thats out of my hands now.. the autos are going in soak once I've finished this post so will be letting you no how that went soon.. tomorrow i will get some more pics posted and report the night temps.. not really sure what this will be now the lights on a timmer.. I choose an 18/6 light schedule and set my diary hours from 10pm to 4am.. I choose this for a reason cause my plant out times will be either early morn or later eve so this suits how that works and won't interrupt what they have been used to very much.. I think for now that's really about it.. No doubt ill be back before long fuk this is gonna be 1 long ass diary Peace 
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      You bring the hope