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    • Darknight420710
      Thanks @zen-ken they're looking a lot better today. I'm happier feeding 2 or 3x a day now and not letting it dry out. I only need to pour 1.0/ 1.5 L into 11L pots before the trickle comes from bottom. Far easier disposing small amounts of run off than litres after leaving 2 to 3 days. Plus its keeping the EC within range.  Thank you
    • LA LUNA
      Another shed grower here ! my shed was really well insulated with 125mm cellotex inside and 75mm rock wool in the cavity so my lights on temps were steady it was lights off where I struggled, the best bit of kit I got was a thermostatic fan speed controller that slows the fan right down as temps drop as it’s freezing inlet air temps that kills it, I’ve used oil filled rads in the past but would install underfloor heating if I rebuilt it to keep the pots warm. Autos in the winter with lights on 24/7 seems like a good solution as said above. I only do 1 crop a year now as that’s enough for me and aim for spring time as the temps are easier to work with and I’m not spending shit loads on electric heating.
    • anarchycamp
      You'll be wanting to spend double that on a variac mate, the cheaper you go the worse they are.  I think you can run a 5" rvk on a wac1 controller(bathroom extraction controller) but they might be rocking horse to find as there are newer models. Pretty sure that's what you want, use the search function on here for Wac1 
    • OneMorePuff
      Thanks all.  Am I gonna get that tight draw on the mighty though?  Bear in mind when I draw on the dynavap I actually cover the intake holes completely, then only release the airhole at the end of the draw, or kind of 'feather' it to just make sure I've cleared the tube, then I take it back to my lungs.   I don't see that approach working with the any of the mighty rang though - reviews have said it has quite an open draw?