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    • Boojum
      I did an NVQ in programming C way back when (been uneployed for 6 months and so they sent me on a course). I've got an NVQ level 2 in software creation I did the coursework in about a week then spent the rest of the time trying to do graphics. I managed to make a kinda 3d maze (just basically squares that got bigger so it looked like you were walking forward, then lines going across the screen to make it look like you were turning ) Time well spent Can't remember a single thing about programming in C now (and even if I could it wouldn't be worth anything ) At the end they just basically sent everyone to work on computer help desks. Like The IT Crowd "Hello, what's the problem ? Have you tried turning it off and on again ?"
    • Nervous
      That's due to the resin being contaminated with chlorophyll and plant matter - same thing happens to people who grind up their bud before making the hash. Most people think you need to beat the bud like an egg to get the trichomes to fall off because of people like Subcool. 

      You don't need to even use a hand mixer; as long as you're keeping the mix (sensibly) cool throughout and don't over pack the bags - you just need to agitate it lightly to encourage the trichs to fall through the mesh. You will end up with much better hash than beating it with a wooden spoon/blender.  
    • Freddy_Freekowtski
      Same   10 print "my name is Freddy"   20 goto 10      
    • diyleduk
      Lumatek win short term but i think maxi have been quite smart long term if they do come up with a PRO version. Lumatek will struggle now with a potential new version of the zeus as they are at 2.7 and to push past that ramps up the cost. Maxi have plenty of wiggle room to release a PRO later this year/next year without ramping up cost too much. Getting past 2.7 isn't easy, 25% extra cost for us to go from 2.6 to 2.8 with current leds on the market.   I guess well see how it all pans out. There's other 600w lights about to hit the UK market too.