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    • thekingofobsolete
      god bless her she`s a beaut ive trimmed her up with half a ducks arse.   tick tock tick tock.  
    • twigs
      been thinking about this and the easiest most affordable solution is a thermal cut off gang to power your fans is it not?   or putting a smaller amp fuse in?        
    • pottygeorge
      Hi again guys,    Had the plants out the box yesterday for an inspection and apart from the markings on the top of the leaves, they seem to be clear. My eye is rather untrained when looking for these things but i'm almost sure the only pests i have are gnats, are they don't damage the plants leaves.    Heres some photos anyway, hopefully someone can help more!     White markings one the underside as well as the tops, this is the worst effected leaf on the smaller healthier plant with no yellowing to the leaves.   Now on the larger plant (sunset sherbet bagseed if anyone cares).. these are the 2 worst condition leaves on the whole plant, yellowed, misshaped and not very happy..   These shots should be useful, shows much more clearly how the yellowing seems to be effecting the lower part of the plant most. I honestly thought were just due to a lack of light or a general lack of nutrients (i used just soil based slow release nutrients for the whole veg stage).. You can also see the clawing of the leaves here which was the nute burn i was originally concerned about.    And finally some more close up shots of the backs of the less healthy leaves as @GreenVision & @uBercaMeL suggested i do in search of mites or thrips.    Hopefully with more information for you guys comes more answers for me! I was a little concerned about the slight burn/deficiency but you guys got me real worried about pests too now!   All help appreciated.      Thanks   PottyG  
    • bongme
      hi   Man arrested after police officers discover cannabis grow in Stoke-on-Trent house   Officers are appealing for more information     A 24-year-old man has been arrested after police officers discovered what is believed to be a cannabis grow in a Stoke-on-Trent house. Police were called to Lychgate Close last night (December 9) after they believed a man was growing the class B drug at a property in the Stoke area. Officers from the Stoke Police team confirmed they attended an address and arrested a man. A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: "A 24-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of the cultivation of cannabis and remains in custody." Anyone with any information is asked to contact Staffordshire Police quoting incident 704 of December 9. This can be done via:   https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/stoke-on-trent-news/man-arrested-after-police-officers-3629932   Bongme