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    • Revive
    • Abbo52
      Impressive @Revive 
    • Lux_Interior
      To be honest I'm amazed you got 16  x Fifteen Litre pots into a 1m square tent unless the pots are tall and thin. How tall is the tent? What lamp are you using?   Personally I'd go for four plants in larger pots. The two plants per pot thing sounds ...ify too! Especially, as you have fifteen pots. Are you trying to do a Sea Of Green grow?   Welcome to UK420 by the way.   Here are my three plants in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m (tall) tent. Growing in 25 litre cloth pots. There is room for more but 16 x 15 litre pots, mmm... I don't think so.        
    • Lux_Interior
      Hi @Keye   There has been a lot of discussion in this thread that I agrree with. I have considered using C02 in a grow before. But after researching I decided not to bother.   It appears to me that unless you have your environment absolutely nailed (which you may have) and a lot of excess light it doesn't seem (£££) worth it. i know growers who have use CO2 and the  results were ... meh!