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    • mr rhino
      Don't you find the taste of a spliff disgusting compared to vaping?   I can't combust anymore it tastes like shit 
    • mikeydoughnut
      Right folks. Hope we’re all well. I’m new to coco so kinda feeling my way through. I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve so not a problem per se but more of a ‘what would/do you do?’ 
      Noticed yesterday I had pinky stems. As far as I’m aware 3 things can cause this light, cold and hunger. 
      They’re under a 150 MH and an LED each side only burning 80w each. Hardly a summers day.    Temps are constantly well within range. I sleep in there. Don’t usually sleep bollocks out in January but I do this January     Last resort was hunger. So when I fed yesterday @1.4EC and 6.1pH - this is 3.5ml GA a&b, 1.5ml Xtra Traces & 5ml Root Tonic - I decided to test the run off on a pinky stemmed plant. The truncheon read 0.8EC.   This to me means it’s gobbling up what I put in and could eat some more. First of all is my logic flawed at all? Secondly would it be wise to up there feed further (I’m already over what GA recommend) or water more often at my current EC keeping levels at a constant? 
        Like I said it’s not owt drastic like but wouldn’t mind a bit of help from you coco poppers  Thanks in advance   
    • OldFord
      I too have a section of the garden thats sodden & horribly damp due to a local stream.    I have tried  numerous times to no avail ,  i now opt to grow in this section by pot only,  i raise them off the floor by means of brick and i have no issues.     If your worried about the wet weather spells you could try running smaller pots than you would ordinarily,  i did this last year and it worked wonders , no rot and still the same yields. Pics in my gallery.    I dropped from 15L to 7L with no dramas other than the pot drying out quicker in prolonged heat.   
    • Exhale
      There goes Ranieri again!