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    • LA LUNA
      Since ive been using the dynavap it seems to have opened a new world of taste, i used to love a spliff but used to struggle with the described flavours most tasted generically "weed" but enjoyable non the less but since i started vaping i can taste a lot more, lemon strains for example rarely came through in a joint even when the weed reeked of it but in a vape i can get different tastes of lemon from cif cleaner type lemon to sweet fruity lemon !
    • twigs
      @distracted @FunkyJazzJesus rock dust? 
    • stu914
      There's the problem bud, I've been using advanced for several years and never ph'd...I use tapwater, Sensi A+B grow and bloom with a little Buddha's treee pk in flower. The rest of their range isn't worth bothering with, make sure your res temps are around 20c as the plants look cold as well... My results are good and have never had any deficiencies... atb  
    • LA LUNA
      I bet you'll strugle with helium