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  1. Strain Base

    "A Compendium of Cannabis Varieties"
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  3. Compost and Pots

    Growing in Compost and Other Soil Mixes.
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    Make The Best From That Great Growlight In The Sky
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  9. Problem Solver

    Get Help and Advice On All Your Growing Problems.
  10. Harvesting and Processing

    What to do with your finished product.
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  • Posts

    • Pau176
      It’s funny you say that because since I started using Canna a+b I’ve had issues as well. I won’t be using it again. 
    • phenom
      I have nerve damage from the middle of my spine down to my feet putting me in constant pain leaving me unable to walk i am in a wheelchair on top of that i have arthritis in both my hands i have to buy of the street with some stuff so horrible and overpriced but smoking is better than taking pharmaceutical drugs i haven't had a decent smoke for just over a year this year will be my third attempted grow the other two failed but i came close i think. I am growing all autos i keep reading books and trying to read up on the best for pain i am planning on planting in two weeks and doing a diary if anyone knows any good strains please let me know
    • Tenchie
      @tomb420   Hello mate,sorry about the late reply,not been on for a while due to family medical problem. I`ve only started using this range of nutrients and never tried them from seed,I use mud for seeds and take cuts from females.   For rooted cuts I started them on 2ml a&b per litre and 3ml Extra traces as a first feed but found it just a tad short of what they required so upped them next feed too 2.5ml a&b per litre and 2.5ml Extra traces and that was the sweet spot.   Week 3 of veg it was raised to 3.5ml a&b and 1.5ml of Extra traces and looked fine,hope that helps.   Tenchie.
    • Resonance
      Now't to enter compared to all those yummy looking bud pics, My compliments to all the chef's  , They look tasty Mmmm.   The legs of a Gorilla Girl,,,