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    "A Compendium of Cannabis Varieties"
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    • 420Chimp
      Just how good is Colby watching this though. If he'd got through the last couple mins with Usman I think he'd of won.    Colby Masvidal next would be decent but think Jorge would get picked apart. 
    • InTheSystem
      @icki - they are the nuts a mate of mine was banging on about that extractor to me when I was looking into the AC Infinity fans... I wish I could afford one    
      @Farmer Harris - No worries fella. Iv literally just had to go back to a "small" setup and own a lot of gear from running bigger tents before so have been experimenting with things. I really recommend the over sized filter too. It really stops the fan working so hard which means your filter lasts longer, it's easier to keep temps consistent and of course more quieter. I know other growers who swear by using over sized carbon filter too. @FARMER G springs to mind instantly  Accoustic ducting is a load of shit in my humble opinion mate. It's also nasty being fiberglass, not something you want in your tent or on your skin. I personally don't think it makes that much a difference. The best for me is rigid soil pipe but it's so subjective to your setup how much of an arse joins etc are.... Phonic Trap ducting I have not used to be honest but my mates swear by it who have run decibel tests and it smashes accoustic ducting.... It's my next purchase mate... Just waiting for Adam to get it in as postage is a bit pricey for me to Spain on Amazon and Ebay for what I need haha 
    • schmoak
      Hi, I grow in regular all mix soil but measure water and any feeds with EC n PH mtrs just for curiosity's sake, check dodgy local water, and get familiar with technique for a later day. Just thought to mention an observation on plant feeding and vitality... I give them little or no grow feed when starting small plants in their 7 Gal. fabric  final's, then after 2 weeks i start adding the grow feed solution lightly at first. Correspondingly I check the deep run-off in the bucket with EC with readings well over 3000 throughout most of it's whole life, The all mix has staying power, am just wondering if a plant likes to make the most when it gets a jolt of extra soil minerals occasionally, more than normal levels? I water mine 5 times a week so they're regularly sitting and drinking in huge levels for a while, no ill effects observed. Could a blast of specific nutes jolt the plant, like frankenstein getting the blast in the lab,  or a defibrillator. sounds dangerous but mine manage to survive it.  
    • Renard