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    "A Compendium of Cannabis Varieties"
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  • Posts

    • Slippy One
      Those capsule loaders were a complete waste of time, even the grinder was as good as useless. Best upgrade for me was a 3d printed bong adapter and water pipe. No more stripping and cleaning the factory cooler, which I hated. Much easier to clean a water pipe.
    • Ccs141
      So potted up a fast lemon cake in the garden today so in the first garden is three thunder banana autos from seedstockers and one acid kush from urban legends in the other garden we have two shd X auto ultimate from @brock1 and one Durban dew from Dutch passion and one fast lemon cake from real gorrila seeds will get pics of the fast lemon cake and Durban dew soon not muc going on yet cheers for checking in guys 
    • catweazle1
      The only problems coco give you is by being too dense or not buffered properly, the latter you can do. Before you use the next lot, run through or soak in some quite strong (1.2 -1.5) calmag solution overnight, then run through your normal nute solution and use. I'm using jiffy Pro7 and will stick with it. I like its fluffy texture.  As for PM saying there is 'beneficial fungus' in theirs, Trichoderma species is endemic to all coco that hasn't been sterilized. Apart from that, I'm not sure it's useful in a DTW or RTW system since it does not enter into symbiosis inside the plants roots, but rather outside and could be washed away. It's endomycorrizae you want, not ectomycorrizae for dtw/rtw coco.
    • bill cooper
      Changed it after the first week, then never bothered again, the water never looked any different.