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    • Tuphead
      Haha yes please mate!! 
        kia ora! Yes, if we legalise then happy days. I would definitely be looking to get my license. 
        great advice. Why Sativa leaning seeds? Better climate wise? 
    • rosebowl
      Iv never had this problem before but im sure its magnesium deficiency and at 5 weeks is it worth carrying on? its not just the lower leaves either but middle too. I have thought I had PH issues from an early stage but being in soil sort of ruled it out. I believe I pulled a nana off too off one of the plants.    soil is a light mix and using ot bloom and root stim.    Cheers RB
    • Tuphead
      Haha always mate! My main concern was with watering really. I’ve grown outside here before but have been able to tend to the plants frequently whereas I wouldn’t be able to with these. Can’t wait till summer now. Hope your growing is going well! 
    • Dr feelgood
      The best hash money can't buy