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    • Malagueno
      Cheers, yes the smell could be an issue with my monster blue cheese, that's only one of the concerns - its a stressful couple of months, but faint heart never grew sticky buds! My neighbours on one side are fine with it, the other side are only holidaymakers so hopefully they won't be there at stinky time.
    • Malagueno
      Thanks, I certainly will.
    • FarmerPalmersNT
      Nope. Most vetches are mildly toxic, but all as far as I know are leguminous/N fixing. I'm of the opinion that pretty much anything low growing and that doesnt create storage tubers are suitable cover.   A good variety in uptaking/cycling plants has to be helpful I reckon. All plants are better/worse at uptaking and storing different things and feed at different depths. I'd avoid grasses and anything too fleshy or with large roots/corms.    I'm keeping an eye out for some black medick and a couple of others. Going to get a suitable wildflowers mix and have a fallow 3 months every year with just wildflowers too with this bed, mostly because I'm growing more than I'm using at the moment.   I am of the view that not letting cover plants get too established is a key. Dense tough root mats are probably not great for establishing new young plants. Anything that looks too dense or large gets chopped up.
    • Percy Turkle
      Welcome Aboard!   I'm trying to get to 50 posts too