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    • zen-ken
      Ill get some pictures up tomorrow    The GG will be under the 600HPS so they will have that horrible colour unfortunately.....but you will see the stupid growth (I have had to cut them in half already twice)     
    • francesca
      I have enough negative pressure becouse in my room dosen t smell at all , the smell is on the end of my exhaust . If i have a leak on my duct or betwen filter and fan i would smell weed but i don t feel weed smell yet is just a green smell so i think the air go trough carbon filter i don t know, i am so stressed about all this and i can t think where my problem is
    • Rex Mundi
      Thats me convinced, ordered one this afternoon, free delivery option so will be a few days. So now need to find a pump, I am ignorant of the fittings these things come with, any advice you can give will be most welcome. Also, what is this parchment you mention... is it just greaseproof paper, or special stuff?
    • OddNut
      @blazeeeNot a problem mate, Thanks for sending them in. I’ll snap you some more pics when I get a chance  the other pheno has some pretty hefty buds but looks like it might go a little longer. Unfortunately it might have to come down a tad early as the rest of the rooms pretty much cooked and I’ve nowhere else to dry  it’s getting there though. Can’t wait to try them I’ll get some dry flower shots too and a smell/ smoke report    thanks again buddy