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    • Hugh Jass
      Bud box white for me if I was to buy another tent
    • Happyeccentric
      Hi @Redrum3 your plants are looking lovely.   I feel at a similar crossroads to yourself as j started off planning to do everything outside but I then learned that a small led to start things off was a good plan.     I think when it smells too much I will hide my biggest with the tomatoes.   I read about someone putting bin bags over photos for mimicking the 12 /12 cycle but as a beginner who has never tried this I don't know how that would pan out.   I'm loving watching you learn at the same time as me and am finding your pretty greenery inspiring as a newbie x
    • Oss
      For anyone giving Karma as an ‘individual’ a big ole back slap for the seeds the company sells its worth remembering that he is effectively a reseller and has others do all the breeding. Trichome Jungle and others have done a lot of the work for Karma.    Karma is a brand. Not a breeder.
    • iBMe
      I have the Storm Spirit, which is the slightly pricier older brother of the Sapphire, wouldn't surprise me if they are the same apart from the LCD display and better temp control on the Spirit. Perhaps @vapefiend can enlighten us. Also look at the Xmax Starry V2 (which can be had cheaper) as the spirit is just a rebrand of that afaics.   The Spirit is a good little vape anyway imo, nice flavour and hit and decent clouds.