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Harvesting and Curing

How To Cut, Trim, Dry and Cure

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      alexa play tool fear.........     im so high rite now i could poke it with a stick..... nos da.
    • Joint hogger
      Welcome to the site matey, you've come to the right place if you want to learn to grow.
        Haven't tried autos myself so can help but theres lots who do use them.   The more space you can use the better, same with height wise too, if you can fit a 1.8m or 2m or a 2.2m high tent into the attic then get a taller tent.     A HPS system is the cheapest option these days but if you want quality over quantity, LED or CMH (Ceramic  Metal Halide) will give you slightly better weed but the newer tech costs a good bit more but  if you still want to go with HPS, get a digital HPS ballast as they run a good bit cooler than a magnetic ballast does, also, if you have the cash, you can get a digi HPS ballast which allows you to  change wattage output, ie run at 250W, 400W or 600W HPS.  a basic digi 250w ballast costs about £65, a digi ballast which changes power costs about £80. a 315w CMH set up costs about £250, dont know about Leds but the sites sponsor DiyLeds  does.   Other things to consider is your timer/timers, cheap timers arent designed for the constant power usage that we use them for & are prone to fail, especially if your using HPS or CMH lighting, most fires that happen in grows are usually caused by cheap timers fusing inside & sticking which causes over heating, so either get a specific heavy duty type & your good to go.     This is the one area where you can't afford to scrimp & save, it's advisable to buy the best that you can afford, for example  -- you buy crap gear which will be underpowered or hasn't been designed to run 24/7 & will probably fail within a short period of time, for example a cheap bathroom fan will only cost £30-£40 but they're noisy, don't move a lot of air & aren't designed to run for long periods of time, so you need something beefier like a RVK, Systemair or a Ruck inline fan, also, most fans come in to variants, ie A low power or L high power. a 4"A moves 240 m3/h of air & the L moves 270 m3/h.   As for your choice of filters, the rhino hobby is the cheapo filter & only have a short life span compared to a more premium filter & you will only get 6 to 9 months use out of it if your lucky, they've also been known to still let the smell of weed through it if its a stinky strain your growing. thats why its important to buy the best filter you can afford, the best on the market are mountain air or carbo air, they cost a good bit more than the Rhino hobby but theyre guaranteed to last for 2 to 3 years of continuous use & will handle 99.9 of the most stinkiest plants out there. Obviously the choice is yours to make but consider this, if you go the cheap route, you could stink your place out & undesirables could/will pay you a visit & most importantly its you & your other halves liberty that is at stake, so even tho a carbo air is 3 or 4 times dearer, the cost is worth it.   You mentioned noise could be an issue, then its better to use acoustic ducting, its also advisable to get a fan controller, not only do they help to slow the fan down & create less noise, they also help you to control the temps inside your tent/grow room. a basic controller costs about £30 & is guaranteed to be hum free (if you know what that means) & can be used with a 4" or a 5" fan.   Another thing to consider is that if you decide to get a bigger light than a 250w, then a 4" fan & filter is too small & you will need a bigger set up.
          It might be better to get a 6 way extension cable as the extra sockets will come in handy or failing that, if you get a reeled up extension, just make sure the wiring is done properly & kept well away from water, thats why most folk go with the rule of keeping the electrics above waist height if you can as its too easy to spill a bucket of water   its also advisable to get a RCD extension or a RCD adaptor for the extension to plug in to. if you go for an extinguisher,  place it near the electrics as thats where most fires start & put one or two smoke detectors above everything.  ps, dont get water extinguishers    The other things you'll need to do is to find out what your water quality is out of the tap, this is because you  can get soft or hard water & this can make a difference to the plants, so to combat this, you can buy soft or hard versions of nutes.  also, you didnt mention how you'll be growing, soil, coco coir or hydroponically ?  btw soil is the easiest method especially if your new to growing & are also the least forgiving if you make a mistake. another thing to consider is the quality of the soil, you could get the cheap stuff  from B&Q but its usually been left outside, is full of bugs/nasties & has crap nutrients added to it.  thats why I prefer to use better stuff like plant magics soil supreme, its been treated so no bugs, its also has a small amount of organic nutes added to it & has no wood or plastic in it.   Also, its advisable to get plastic watering trays, a builders bucket or two,1ltr or 2tr plastic water jugs, syringes or measuring cups for measuring the nutes, a cheap whisk or wooden spoon to mix the nutes,  & dont forget to get a watering can,  preferably with a long spout & a watering rose  as it makes it easier to water the plants at the back & it also helps aerate the water when feeding.  as for pot sizes, its worth reading up on "potting up", it doesnt affect auto seeds so much but it does with fems & regular seeds. you might also need to consider some form of heating too as plants dont like low temps below 20c & basically stop growing & the plants slowly turn to shit.   & lastly, if you've still to pick seeds, why not consider subscribing to the site, it helps support the site & more importantly, you get a choice of picking a pack of Free seeds & there's some cracking genetics available which are sent free to your safe address.   all the best with what ever you decide to do.              
    • thekingofobsolete