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Harvesting and Processing

What to do with your finished product.


  1. Hash & Oil

    Want to make your own Hash & Oil?

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  2. Harvesting and Curing

    How To Cut, Trim, Dry and Cure

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    • Zilla12
      I hear you, I always find when i plan it doesn't work out or i get overwhelmed with the plan and don't end up following through. The learning bit is defo the key bit for me, also the sense of achievement is always a lovely one. Thanks for the support man, you're a hero.      The clear diagnosis was life changing honestly. I used to be put in special education classes with kids who really needed the help, i knew the answers to a lot of things but i just couldn't illiterate them or keep up with the dictation and didn't have the confidence to read out loud etc.   It amazes me now to think i went 18 years until i got to college for someone (an arts teacher of all people) to look at my writing and go 'Have you ever had a dyslexia test?' and then to test and find out i was highly dyslexic. That teacher to some degree changed the path of my life, i wouldn't say i'm successful but i've achieved things i stood literally no chance had i not known i wasn't just dumb and stupid as i grew up thinking.    I suspect i'm going to follow your path, if things get out of hand i will take action, like you, i have little choice not too. At the moment i guess this is a starting point. I hope your son is thriving in an environment that helps him learn in ways that suits him.     Honestly i do exactly the same, in my garage i must have i have an old oak wardrobe that i took apart a few months ago, its been in my house for over 30 years, i could have sold it or scrapped it. Instead its in my 'this might come in handy pile' it's a bit too big to grow out of and because of its age its possibly more work than my current attempt, plus i think starting smaller is better for me.    Yes the DIY bodge and problem solving is key especially if it works. My father is literally a sketch show routine when it comes to DIY, i've seen him cellotape on car front bumpers, spill thick black outdoor paint over a neighbours brand new patio slabs and all sorts of situations where he's basically been participating in the Darwin awards but someone avoiding a fatality. My goal is to not take after him, i've done quite well so far despite a few silly errors along the way.    Honestly i spend about 2 weeks doing it, getting the wood cutting it, measuring it up, sourcing the plastic, sealing, painting etc etc so when we're going to carry it outside i start moving it towards the door for my girlfriend to go 'its too big for the door' I built it right next to the door as well. We had to do some trigonometry and some gentle persuasion to get it out, it's still a bit on the piss today.     I think the tent investment will come, i just want to start smaller. I also need to sort out the space i'll be growing it in, right now i'm putting up plastic dust sheeting and running a air purifier in there to try and create a more favourable environment as the rest of the room has some issues, thats partly why something like a second hand cupboard makes more sense as its a smaller investment i guess.    I hope i'll have some good stuff too, i can't wait to get up and running properly tbh.  
    • GSZZ
      Usually when the run off EC comes out higher than it goes in and the plants look well its due to dry back, not overfeeding  Awesome plants as well mate, they look really well! 
    • Ethelene Fresh
      Ah ok, Thinking about it, I initially went over to rain water because I was just starting out and thought I had to PH my water, which from the tap was like in the high 7's.   So I guess its back on the tap...   The temps tend to be more in those better ranges this time of year now that things are warming up generally.   The thing is, i've been raising plants in the same environment along side this one with no issue at all.   I guess some plants are more sensitive than others...   Thanks for the wisdom, really appreciate it.
    • stu914
      As I said before, as long as the roots are ok then concentrate on them. There just isn't the structure to support top growth...yet... Once there is they'll be fine...mine look just as shitty atm, if not worse, I'll grab a pic later and you'll see what I mean.