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Harvesting and Processing

What to do with your finished product.


  1. Hash & Oil

    Want to make your own Hash & Oil?

    Follow the UK420 guide Just Say No To Soap!

  2. Harvesting and Curing

    How To Cut, Trim, Dry and Cure

  • Posts

    • highgrowtimes
      waste of time gonna take forever to get to the flowering stage pointless and the stress on the plant is tremendous but like you say learning curve we all been there good luck brother
    • highgrowtimes
      yeh heat is always the problem with tents bro nightmare i eventually gave up on the tent and converted the box room best thing i ever done so easy to control i never had air intake but now ive set up proper with air intake using a 2 inch impeller fan sorted all my problems out the thing is plants just love co2 hahahhaha and it keeps the room cool lights on i time air intake off at lights down  ive had worse looking plants than that trust me but still had a good yield stick at it my friend
    • LearningTheWays
      I could settle for this but have always been a grafter, worked since a young boy. Done many small indoor grows in the past, looking for more of an adventure      
    • Michael Luchóg
      Reminds me of myself . Don't work too hard . In a few years you'll look in the mirror ,and one day you'll see your chin hair coarse ,a protruding brow and lines under your eyes . I'm just saying ,you could leave now ,grow in a wardrobe with nice nivea hands .