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Harvesting and Processing

What to do with your finished product.


  1. Hash & Oil

    Want to make your own Hash & Oil?

    Follow the UK420 guide Just Say No To Soap!

  2. Harvesting and Curing

    How To Cut, Trim, Dry and Cure

  • Posts

    • GrinderMan
      @npx2020 ahh well, it will be a long night tomorrow. It will give me a bit of relief though in knowing it will all be safer in there.  Im not too worried about flush as I'm not a heavy feeder anyways. I've just got too take it on the chin.  Humidity has been crazy recently.    Cheers   GM 
    • Charles77
      I´m using grow, bloom and top max from bio bizz. From now on only water and it´s going to be in a couple of days. thanks
    • Charles77
      yes,  I will wait for a while thanks
    • npx2020
      If it were me, I'd probably do it tomorrow (or now) man... Unless you're whipping the infected bud off tonight then I'd reckon monday would be too long and give it time to spread.