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Harvesting and Processing

What to do with your finished product.


  1. Hash & Oil

    Want to make your own Hash & Oil?

    Follow the UK420 guide Just Say No To Soap!

  2. Harvesting and Curing

    How To Cut, Trim, Dry and Cure

  • Posts

    • Ameth
      not getting any better, they were getting better. but then poured 500ml of nutrients and they became very droppy again, and now getting worse. I did it with cold water from the tap, didnt warm it up. this could be the reason. Now Im drying them off completely and will try to really flush them through with 2litre, with canna ab, rhizotonic, superthrive and ph 6.0. we will see what happens. anyone else has any suggestions?
    • _Jamie_
      Elloo guys n girls     been told I can just bend my whole plant over and tie it down for more and bigger colas? Wouldn’t this just make the plant grow the same as it would naturally but sidewards?
    • Ameth
      Once I put them in 30 litre fabric pots, became very droopy, I poured just a bit of nutrients, like about 100mil, and didnt care about water temperature, was feeding them every few days like that, then put 500mil in to each pot, and now they are really really getting pale, and same problem appeared, they are drying out again, not sure what to do.
    • JJJ
      Grow grow grow a boat Fully of lovely weed Merrily merrily merrily merrily Time to sow your seeds   Fuck em all.  Who cares.  Govbent wankers...