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Harvesting and Processing

What to do with your finished product.


  1. Hash & Oil

    Want to make your own Hash & Oil?

    Follow the UK420 guide Just Say No To Soap!

  2. Harvesting and Curing

    How To Cut, Trim, Dry and Cure

  • Posts

    • HappySADhu
      Yeah already spoke to Adam for the dimensions..   Cheers
    • catweazle1
      Same style as Parplus+, which is sold out, they have the Elite EQ240 which should do you.  £199.95. Put UK240 in the discount section for 10% off.   `https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/led-grow-lights/products/eq-240w-led
    • blackpoolbouncer
      Ia it worth it?    Absolutely unless you can provide consistent 60f and 60 rh all seasons.   Quality is consistent and terpene preservation drying at 14-16'C is amazing.    Put it this way. If I had space I'd have 6      Chuck your buds in and forget about them. Trim at your leisure after 7-10 days or more. Its not imperative because you cant really overdry it because it maintains the rh you want. Takes all the ball ache out of drying.    Take off the big fans. Stick em in. Perfect buds every time 
    • BilgePump
      If it'll fit yer space the par+ 240w pro might be worth a look, the 465w version is a fantastic fixture