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    • panik
      Oh shit man gutted for you they was doing so well, are they salvageable ?? Have you stood them up? 
    • FigmentofFig
      The smell is turning more musty now, like an old basement. Its kinda gross to be honest.
    • uBercaMeL
      They look extremely well fed with sudden lockout on the newer tips so if its rich soil then it could well be from overdoing the bottles as mentioned, or possibly the roots have grown into some decomposing matter or similar (too acidic/high in minerals, etc). Or, if the area is a bit boggy or heavy clay and it started after heavy rain, it could be a sign of lack of aeration and anaerobic/root rot problems.   
    • Seven420
      Went out and bought some corex, 5mm thick, did 4 sheets of it glued together so its 20mm then taped all around the edges. Will put them under the pots when I do the water change hopefully it makes a difference