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    • stummer
      Mainly just down to me being weird I guess and wanting it all in one tent kind of like an ocd thing. Plus I don't like the idea of having a tent running while others in darkness. Always find some minor light leaks and is only time I've had plants not finish and reveg on me. I'm not gonna veg under maximum light wattage those but that's purely for the sake of the electric bill.
    • Sasquatch
      I will sleep easy tonight knowing Yaldabroath is roasting in the eternal flames. We must thank VOTL for their sterling work in ridding the planet of him, and shame on Q for not predicting this. Hopefully this means good things will start happening. How can they not?
    • Conspiranought
      These CBD/hemp oils are far from what CBD full spectrum cannabis oils can really be like. It pisses me off because people try them and think the CBD malarkey is rubbish, but it's a lot, lot better than the piss water they fall for and assume it's the same kind of stuff they see kids being treated for epilepsy on TV or hear on the news when it just isn't.    I got in touch with Jeff to point me in the right direction, it still has hemp seed oil in the thinner stuff in the bottle (80% hemp seed oil and 20% whole cannabis extract), but at least it's got some whole plant extract in it. The syringe is fully whole plant extract. It's not the same as what he gives freely to desperate kids and I don't expect him to. He pointed me in the right direction to buy some which is probably the best I'm going to get to buy without making it myself. I don't want to say too much about the company or it would seem like advertising. I feel I've already said too much so if I have @Joolz I have no problem you removing or partially deleting my post, it's your site mate and I understand going into depth with sources isn't allowed to some extent iirc. Not sure if I've said too much here or not. Sorry if I have mate.   Antidepressants are horrible, I know some need them though. 18 years is a very long time really. The oil maybe did help a bit, there's cannabinoids still in there, just not that much or the full range of them. I think this is a good strong case of 'mind over matter' mostly, bit like the placebo effect.
    • glynca100
      I’ve been waiting paitiantly for an order of Ugorg#1 for over 2 weeks, I’ve emailed Ugorg to find out the delay but not had a reply .. I paid upfront vie bank transfer (order number #SP1421) I was going to ask on here as anyone else had any problems but I saw the previous posts .. can anyone on here shed any light on what’s happening at Ugorg?