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Hydroponic Systems

NFT, Flood and Drain, Bubblers etc.

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    • Naz007
      What type of light would I need for that size tent?    My max budget is £200 for everything. 
    • tokenroll
      Dinafem - Purps#1 - Germination Update. All three Dinafem Purps#1 seeds where planted on the 14/11/2019 are above ground on the 17/11/2019 so three days, cant complain at that. I will be growing all three out in an extended veg cycle and when the flower cab has a shelf with about 3 or 4 weeks left to harvest, so im looking at March next year. I will take clones and put them in the 2 litre tall pots or 5 l hempy buckets and run a little sog grow, will decide on pots when the time comes.  Toke...
    • Milltown Micro
      Thank you for the advice!! My gut feeling was that the police, like many other services, are too stretched for such a matter to become a priority. Whilst I’ve been using cannabis mostly for medical reasons and my quality of life has improved greatly for doing so, unfortunately the law wouldn’t take this into account. 
        Thanks again! 
    • Hillbil
      Gnatrol will end your Fungus Gnat trouble period.  No drama.