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    • Green_bhoy
      Good stuff. Will have a look tomorrow when I give them there feed. Will take away or tuck any leafs that are shading the buds.   Cheers!
    • OctoMan
      Have a look at this thread from a few days ago. Shit.... Sorry, I've just realised that you started that thread.....
    • Jstaff
      @Green_bhoy I just take off anything that is shading any budsites. 
      That water regime will be fine as long as your pots don’t dry out in between.
    • Firstimegrower_420
      Thanks @uBercaMeL nah there's no radiator next to tge tent, one opposite and when I put that on like now for instance the tent temp is 21.5   Thats great to know about the ph and ec, you know your probably right it could be overwatering because they're deep pots of 15L and to get a run off its taking nearly 3.5L and then it just doesn't stop and im forever trying to stop it overflowing the tray... so its hard to know when to stop if ive no run off as I won't knownif the roots at the base are being fed.. kinda caught between the devil and the deep blue sea because of the size... So do I leave to get half dry and drench or say 3litre enough and ya get feck all else   It was suggested to "bottom feed" and just pour my stuff in the saucer and let the plant take what it needs... Any views on that?    I didnt know about pot size and it was the man in hydro place going on about bigger pots bigger roots, bigger yields and I just thought I was doing the right thing. I know next time they won't be in anyting so big!