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    • Caly
      I measured my EC out of the tap yesterday and it was 0.5
    • SYZYGY
      It doesn't need buffering like other forms of coco. I soak mine in a splash of root tonic and weak feed (around 0.7 EC) for cuts and seeds alike as there's no food for when then they need it.  I generally don't use Calmag until after first transplant, and only because my water is very soft.    Do you know the background EC of your water? 
    • mr88hutchinson
      Feeding time for the girls today  2 litres of water, fans gonna be working overtime today me thinks   The BG has about 6/7 budsites that are looking like they're trying to be number one so hopefully gonna see an above average yield of this one    And the DD     On this one about 3/4 budsite are nearly close in size and thickness to the main cola so hopefully get some nice nugs from it, have a feeling this will give out maybe half what the BG will,    Fingers crossed the temps can keep below 29 this week might be a struggle tho   Cheers for reading 
    • Clean Green
      If they acted in response to a ‘tip off’, and then issued this man with a caution, and then he’d refused the caution, I wonder if nothing more would have been done, or even that this is the case if he accepted it? Also, maybe if he’d have had 5 plants not 20, would they have just left him alone? It seems Durham only pursue use and small grows if they feel they have to these days.