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    • SYZYGY
      That's officially the first time I've ever won a competition (and I didn't even know I was in one )   Thanks @HSO-Mark, cheered me right up that did. Glad you liked the photos man    Congrats @Amo and @Smokebelch - both gorgeous plants and photos. Keep up the good work 
    • Flamedodger
      I trimmed one of my autos and she just kept vegging while the other two plants started flowering. I thought that was down to me trimming, on reflection I think was genetics. So after that I never trimmed either the royal dwarf or the northern lights and both are thick with larf and underdeveloped buds. I found budrot in the NL last week in the biggest bud, fortunately confined to a couple of stems, they’re flushing now and ready to crop in a couple of days.
      I’m sure the budrot was down to poor airflow through the buds. I wished I had trimmed her now. Keep that in mind, I think it makes flowering time longer, I’ve trimmed both outdoor autos and they are both fine. 
      Im not trying to give you advice, I’m a proper noob with indoor growing, just my first grow experience,  Good luck and happy growing 
    • JPE1234
      They're sold out on DIYLED and he said on here that he's not stocking them anymore, building his own instead.
    • pothead11
      Well the M17 is out tonight still just as awesome I've done a bowl and a half and I feel excellent . I've actually put the thing down while I'm on the computer . A fair bit left for another session . This thing is a replacement for my joints . Dry herb vaporizers are bloody excellent I wish I'd known this years ago . I did the file mod on it though and the airflow is just right . You know to a person who want's the best vaporizer then I think these have got to be up their . Built to last a very long time . Spares readerly available . I personally think Dynavap have made something awesome , simple but bloody well made and I presume the Genuine article is even better than my Chynavap . This is one device I hope will last me a lifetime and with a bit of respect I think it could happen . I'm off for some of my Chynavap time .