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    • Stashmonger
      @Jumpin Jack  
    • phenom
      i have chopped my plant and after curing it i found some buds had bud rot so put the good bud in a jar but found about 10 buds had bud rot i don't want to throw the 10 away but 10 buds is a lot but i cannot find anything online about how to cure it 
    • Jumpin Jack
      Topped and Trained them earlly.. About 2lbs estimated
    • The Padawan
      @Pzbigbear Always start low and work your way up.  My water has a background of less than 0.1 ec. When I first put them in the dwc I start at 0.5 ( round 0.5ml/l) and work up to 0.8 over the next few weeks of veg.  In flower I normally don't need to go any higher than 1.2 I set the pH to 5.6 and allow to drift up to 6.2. I check my ec and pH twice a day. If your ec is falling and pH is rising that's a good sign. If the ec is rising and pH falling its a sign there's too much nutes for the plant.  You'll want to keep that nutrient solution around 21 degrees also. I use a fish tank heater for cold spells or a frozen water bottle or two during the summer.  I also use silver bullets roots to help protect from root rot.  I have a few diaries up if you want to have a look at them for a guide.  If I can help in anyway just ask. Starting in dwc can seem a bit daunting but once you get into the swing of it very rewarding.  Good luck with your first grow