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    • BarrySHitPeas
      Thanks   @blackpoolbouncer   Yeah it's definitely  important to clean things in the right order, found this out the hard way, otherwise just undoing what you've done,had to re-clean a few things because of this.   Thankfully virus's dont have spores well to my knowledge...?  and are reliant on physical contact so clothes tools and hands , have specific grow room clothes which will be washed everyday obviously no shoes , i've already got some ISO and will use it to clean tools thanks for the suggestion and i've bought a few hundred pairs of latex gloves for this grow just to be safe ,washing hands after touching each plant would just take to long, make it easy on myself and more likely to stick to it.        
    • Rick Grimes
      Yes @Jibba jabba. Lovely job mate. Every plant is a looker. 
    • Happyeccentric
      I’m going to put a padlock on it but I’m much rather be ripped than caught.  I have moved everything I can move and calmed down a bit.  I don’t think I will be ordering anything online until the end of summer now x
    • ilikebigbuds
      Dodgee has great advice with the wind being a natural stem strengthner just be careful if you choose to use a fan as you can cause ‘wind burn’ try to keep fan on low setting and direct it to blow off the side of your glasshouse if possible.