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    • zibzabz
      I use a Dr60. It's a little taller @ 170... I think.  Anyway, I have a 100w 3500K quantum board and a viparspectra 450w running side by side. (they recon they're 200/250w old skool equivalents) No heat issues at all....  
    • G_lab
      THanks guys!        Hi Mark! Thanks for your advice. It really helped and the Green Crack is now coming back green.   Pm received back! Thanks again for your support!      5th WEEK - Day 29th For this update I took a little videoclip which is always better than pics imho.  [video on link below] https://youtu.be/aIjW7Q6ExcU   Needed to raise lights again due to Blue Dream's trying to reach the roof  So that I put the light up there.. close to the roof, like americans do! First time i try lights so high and first pro I can see is having the canopy at my neck level so no more back pain. Cons, I needed to put low plants on top of a table to keep an even canopy, at least the best I could.     After this video was taken yesterday night, this morning a small accident happened. Light has fallen down! A hook of those light-hangers just opened up... Always looking for positive sides, I got to say I've been lucky because first I was there and I was able to take it up and switch it off before canopy get on fire by the lamp still on. Second, it didn't break itself, neither the exctractor. Third, canopy its not so damaged compared to what it could be! Just one plant broke a big main cola and a couple of smaller ones. No one fully broken!! I can now say they are really strong genetics!    Here's after said fact.. you can see there's just a small gap and I may not loose to much. Now reflectors are supported by inox hooks but I need to get some more asap bcause i feel its too high. Few inches down would be perfect!      Lets see them in detail Green Crack Its marching again thought bud are still smaller than the others obviously. Her green is coming back. I reintroduced today some nutrients with a bit of bioflores and will see how it react.    Chemdawg   Blue Dream   707 Headband   Blues (ugorg)   This is the only one with a main cola broken.. it is half plant now      I see them all of a lighter green at the bottom leaves, think its time to rise feeding up to maximum dose for this 5th week when buds will start to fill up.    Catch you soon fellas!   Smoke weed everyday  G    
    • MacGanja
      Maybe.... But the site is too good... My gambling side is coming out.. Might chance it... 
    • teehee
      Incredible ending! The competition is heating up!