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Compost and Pots

Growing in Compost and Other Soil Mixes.


  1. Organic Compost

    Growing The Way Nature Intended - Natural and chemical free gardening.
  2. Non-Organic Compost

    Growing in compost using non organic methods and products.

  • Posts

    • Dsmile
      currently using Buddhas tree pk 9-18 in the last few weeks, not used a PK before but I see a few different values than 9-18, is there any particular you use and how come? Also anyone buy into the indica nutrients 'Himalayan hardener'  polymerised phosphorus  stuff?
    • Michael Luchóg
      Spiders ,good lord Linda ? I'm more afraid of dog shit in a bag when I'm in the city . It might be tied to a shrub ,in a lawn or the edge of a lawn and if you use a strimmer you'd put up with spiders over shredding dog crap like a grenade sends pellets . I've thrown tools into the wagon and ended the day early ,going home heaving . 
    • Girlrilla
      Seen and smoked some fine examples of this multiple times last year. A favourite within my circle 
    • Revive
      They can have huge colonys that contain hundreds of thousands of just workers alone so im not suprised of the damage they can cause when nesting in and around the plants root system.. reckon those tyres made a pretty decent home for them and a near perfect environment.. fukers are just another thing to overcome when working with mother nature