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Compost and Pots

Growing in Compost and Other Soil Mixes.


  1. Organic Compost

    Growing The Way Nature Intended - Natural and chemical free gardening.
  2. Non-Organic Compost

    Growing in compost using non organic methods and products.

  • Posts

    • Tenchie
      I try for a 5 degree swing 23c light off 28c light on. Your plants are looking good and healthy mate,good work! Reguarding daily feeding I was under the impresion this is best done when the pot is fully rooted? Could well be wrong tho!   Just started in coco again myself,sunday gone I potted up my well rooted cuttings into 1.4 litre pots and gave them 300ml of solution each,pots are still heavy today tho? I think I`am being impatient here,and they are still settling in and starting to put some roots down.Got them on 18-6 under a 400hps.   Watching with interest from the back.   Good luck.   Tenchie.
    • BeardedBeardiae
      Getting frosty in there @Jack010 hope the end goes well.
    • Slugums
      Brrrrr!!! Try to get them up a bit - pref not fall below 20c - ideal root temp is 22c - according to conventional wisdom (what others have shared and noted) if you'r roots stick to 22c ish, ambient temps are not as important.   I use a lecky blanket (others use tube heaters inside a pallet with the pots on top) to keep a warm base.  
    • doobie01
      you know my views on them   great work with the design and i agree with @monkeypig when he says about them being full there is a certain angle tip point that lets the nutes come out from the handle side and into the lid and into your tank but it is minimal and only when bottle is fullish maybe a slightly longer neck would stop it  ? all in all its well a designed feature and i would use it for all the 5l bottles inc go & go+ as opening and using them are now "hard work" in comparison