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Compost and Pots

Growing in Compost and Other Soil Mixes.


  1. Organic Compost

    Growing The Way Nature Intended - Natural and chemical free gardening.
  2. Non-Organic Compost

    Growing in compost using non organic methods and products.

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    • ocb
      West is best 
    • panik
      coming along nicely  
    • Openairbud
      Dont bother without mate, definitely NEED a filter no ifs or buts, only takes the wind blowing in the wrong direction at the wrong time.. not worth the stress
    • Guggsy44
      Hi People, Just wondering if anyone with any success has grown any Gorilla Glue #4 Auto outside in the UK. I started germination on the 15th April in my bedroom window, and I have got them to a point where, I had to move the plants out side on the 16th May. I am growing 3x GG4 and one of the plants the, leaves are curling up slightly and turning white, and looks likes it's growth is being stunted. the other 2 GG4 plants seem fine but not getting very big. My stardawg and OG Kush seem to be  doing fine. I am growing all of them in 11L pots using Plant magic soil supreme, and feeding them small amounts of Plant magic soil bloom. I have mixed 5ML of soil bloom to 5L of water and give 6 plants a litre of water, as they do not need so much water yet. They get direct sunlight from 8:30am till 6:30pm outside. so I have placed them where they will get optimal amount of direct sun.  The reason I am giving them small amounts of feed, is because I do not want to get nute burn, giving them to much feed, as the soil should have enough nute in it, to sustain the plants for a while. plus it has been raining so I cannot water them, that often. Any advise would be grateful.