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Compost and Pots

Growing in Compost and Other Soil Mixes.


  1. Organic Compost

    Growing The Way Nature Intended - Natural and chemical free gardening.
  2. Non-Organic Compost

    Growing in compost using non organic methods and products.

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    • KC
    • KC
      Nanas means stealth banana, they do have a proper name, I think it's a stamen. A female plant can throw some of these out to try and pollinate itself (but can also pollinate your other plants). I had one recently so I had to chop her down prematurely. I've tried the bud and it's fine even without a flush.  There's a misconception that this happens more with feminised plants but I've not found that myself.  Well call them bananas as as they look like tiny bananas sticking out the bud. 
    • Hippie on hill
      Ohhh I do like watching the Titanium change colour, breaking in a new vaporizer     The Herbo Ti's proppa quality innit, once you find your way with the dial       I like to use mine with a buck boost step up/down converter (digital dimmer switch thing) so you can see the exact voltage and power you're using (and use it with other vapes too)   
    • AngryDuck
      Growers ark water test.. £33, 100% recommend it. Get the water tested before the RO route. See what the report back says then you will know the ratios of your water supply. Maybe a slight adjustment will solve your problems. 

      The inclusion of 3-grams of Epsom salts to every 10ltrs turned my plants around. I was quoted 2.4G per 10ltr but I just rounded it up. 

      Prior to this, what was green leaves before watering ended up with brown spots. This over 3 different grows. A month now since the test and adjusted water and not a single brown spot on any leaves.