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Compost and Pots

Growing in Compost and Other Soil Mixes.


  1. Organic Compost

    Growing The Way Nature Intended - Natural and chemical free gardening.
  2. Non-Organic Compost

    Growing in compost using non organic methods and products.

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    • vince noir rock n roll star
      http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/01/16/latest-pope-begs-forgiveness-for-chile-priest-sex-abuse.html RELIGION   just in The Latest: Pope begs forgiveness for Chile priest sex abuse
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      i should show that to my aussie friend mara in the outback ..she`d tear em a new hole for that  .   again im not going to totally poo poo it ..there is some truth that quite a few folk never made it to australia ..but cmon .....australia dont exist ...ahahahhahhahahaha  that came from someone who has flooded the conspiracy forum this year ..
    • madmax188
    • Slugums
      I only run a small 150w hps for veg and bloom... Have your beans just popped up? If so, keep the 400 well back from them (sorry that's vague!)... More than 50cm... If they have just come up, they will struggle with the intensity and heat...   I usually run one or more small wattage cfls to let them get their legs down - 30w cfl 6500kelvin works great for the first week or so, just till they get some proper leaves out. Using cfl has the advantage of preventing stretchy stems because they run cool and can be placed within a few inches of newly sprouted seeds...   If you stick with the MH hopefully you'll get some better info from someone who uses one... They might even have that enzyme info too!   If you do get a few pics up and start a diary, you'll get loads of input, especially if you make a point of saying its a first grow - good folks round here, very helpful and welcoming bunch!   Cheers!