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Growrooms and mum boxes in progress.

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    • bongme
      hi   'Proud' cannabis grower caught because of smelly skunk crop   Neil Sydenham was jailed for a year and ten months, suspended for two years   An obsessed cannabis grower was caught after residents complained to police about the 'horrible smell from his 'skunk' farm.' Neil Sydenham was so proud of his 71 cannabis plants that he took pictures of them on his mobile phone which police found when they raided the house in Great Torrington. They also found a single message on another mobile ordering a Christmas supply of the home-grown cannabis and a reply asking the customer to be more discreet in the future. He was growing a strong strain of cannabis which is known as skunk because of its pungent smell. Sydenham had more than three kilograms of it in bin bags and £15,000 in cash. He had given up his job as a supermarket shelf stacker years before, had no income, but claimed the money was his life savings. He also had a small stock of cannabis oil which he used to treat back pain which he claimed to result from moving heavy loads as a van driver.     Sydenham, aged 59, of New Street, Great Torrington, admitted production of cannabis and cannabis oil and was jailed for a year and ten months, suspended for two years. He was also ordered do ten days of rehabilitation activities, 150 hours unpaid community work and to pay £1,200 costs by Judge David Evans at Exeter Crown Court. The fate of the £15,805 seized by the police will be decided later.   The judge told him:”You may benefit from doing unpaid work instead of sitting at home using cannabis all day. “These offences came to light when the tell-tale strong smell from your extensive cannabis growing operation gave it away.   “You set up growing areas in more than one part of your property and it is quite clear you invested time, effort and resources into growing, harvesting and extracting oil. “I accept that you were not living a life of luxury and may have been producing a drug to which you were addicted. Like so many long-term cannabis users, it seems to have become something of an obsession.” Miss Caroline Bolt, prosecuting, said police raided Sydenham’s home on September 27, 2018, after residents tipped off police about the smell. Police found 13 mature plants in his bedroom, 58 more in earlier stages of growth, 3.05 kilograms of harvested cannabis, and 20 ml of cannabis oil. They seized £14,308 from the bedroom and £1,425 in the kitchen.   Miss Bolt said:”Two phones were seized. His Motorola had pictures of harvested cannabis and plants. A Nokia believed to belong to his partner, had a message from December 24, 2017 asking if Neil had any weed for sale. “The reply read ‘yes, hun, but next time don’t ask like that in a text.”     Mr Rupert Taylor, defending, said Sydenham grew mainly so he could make his own cannabis oil to treat back pain, but gave some of the surplus to friends. He said:”He had a genuine interest in horticulture. He wanted to do a good job and too photographs of it. It was more than a money making exercise or providing his own supply. “He took some pride in it. He wasn’t a gangster. He injured his back, lost his job and did not want to buy from dealers.”   https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/proud-cannabis-grower-caught-because-3433954   Bongme   
    • bongme
      hi   Cannabis oil brought dog back from brink of death - and now he's loving life   “It’s completely unbelievable how a few drops of oil can make such a difference to an animal’s life"   A pet owner who was faced with the heartbreaking decision of whether to put her beloved dog down after he was given just days to live says cannabis oil saved his life. Vicky Horton, of Torquay, had almost given up hope of saving her Labrador springer cross Milo after he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She was told to prepare for the worst by vets after conventional treatment was not working. However, after a friend suggested giving him some drops of CBD oil from the CBD Lab in Torquay, his prognosis turned around within just 48 hours. Seven months on, Milo is still on the CBD oil and recently celebrated his 15th birthday. Now the family are all going on holiday together in their campervan to help Milo enjoy in his twilight years.     Vicky, who has had Milo since she was 16 and had him at her wedding, said: “Milo was taken seriously ill on the Monday with pancreatitis. It is a very serious condition in dogs, especially older dogs. He spent two nights at the vets on a drip, and we were told to prepare ourselves for the worst. “Milo didn’t cope well at the vets and kept pulling his drip out. He was also very confused and unsettled due to the drugs he was on, so they decided to discharge him on Thursday evening as they thought he would be better off at home. “When we collected Milo I’m sure he didn’t even recognise us. He was weeing himself constantly, his back legs had given way, he was disorientated and he hadn’t eaten since Sunday. The vet said again on discharge that we should prepare ourselves for the worst.   “We came home and slept in the lounge with Milo, feeding him water through a syringe and trying to tempt him with food, but he wasn’t interested. Trying to get the painkillers down him was a battle and the Tramadol made him foam at the mouth as it tasted so horrible. “We visited the vets on Friday to top up Milo's injection painkillers and antibiotic, and visited again on Saturday to do the same. By the Saturday we had nursed Milo non-stop for 48 hours and he hadn’t improved. “He had lost 4kg in weight and we believed we were being cruel by keeping him alive. "That evening we had decided we couldn’t put him through any more suffering as he wasn’t improving, so would need to think about making that heartbreaking decision.”   It was then Vicky’s husband remembered some friends used CBD oil to treat their dogs and was recommended to go to the CBD Lab. Around 6pm that evening they gave Milo eight drops of CBD oil. Within three hours he had his first proper wee in three days. By 11pm he was asleep and resting for the first time in four days. By 6am the following morning he was eating a plate of chicken, which was the first food he had eaten for six days.     Vicky said: “As the hours passed by he improved; he was eating, drinking and weeing more. We gave him five drops of oil every six hours and he has shown no sign of pain since. “Finally we stopped all prescribed painkillers as they were making Milo so confused and distressed. It only took 48 hours to turn the whole situation around. “If you look at Milo today running around the block, scoffing plates of chicken and wagging his tail it’s really surreal to think that we almost made a decision to end his life. “It’s completely unbelievable how a few drops of oil can make such a difference to an animal’s life."   Up until September last year, CBD shops were able to supply pet owners with products to make their pets lives a little easier. However, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate then issued a statement saying that veterinary products containing (CBD) are veterinary medicines and should be regulated which has halted the trade. Jess Dale, co-owner of the CBD Lab, said: “How fortunate that the story has a happy ending, but with results like this, why has the Veterinary Medicines Directorate decided to take this course of action? There is no evidence that CBD Oil is harmful, yet it is now an offence to administer ‘unauthorised product containing CBD without a veterinary prescription’ under Regulation 8 of the VMR. “As they themselves state it has medical benefits so why withhold this from general use? Pet CBD and human consumption CBD contain exactly the same ingredients.”   The statement issued by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate in September 2018 states: “We consider that veterinary products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) are veterinary medicines and should be regulated as such. “We have made this decision on the basis that products containing CBD fulfil the following definition of a veterinary medicine in the Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMR) by virtue of the effects they have ‘any substance or combination of substances that may be used in, or administered to, animals with a view either to restoring, correcting or modifying physiological functions by exerting a pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action, or to making a medical diagnosis’.”   https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/pet-owner-says-dog-brought-3434689   Bongme 
    • bongme
      Hi   Boy, 7, caught vaping cannabis oil during class by shocked teacher     A seven year-old boy was caught vaping cannabis oil at school by his shocked teacher. The youngster was discovered puffing on his mother’s e-cigarette during class at Country Dale Elementary School in Franklin, Wisconsin, earlier this month. He told his teacher he’d taken the SMOK Novo device from his mom’s purse. Parent Nicole Hearold, whose children attend the same school told WISN: ‘I can’t even imagine. ‘Obviously, the child has seen an adult or someone else doing that to even know what to do.’   I’m sure she regrets leaving it in her purse where he could get a hold of it. ‘I guess I really hadn’t thought too much about my elementary school students being in contact with a vaping device.   ‘I don’t think they would know what to do with it.’ Staff at school contacted police and social workers, who spoke to the boy’s mother and took him to hospital. The child, whose name was not given to protect his privacy, had not suffered any adverse effects. No charges have been pressed against the boy’s mother, and her e-cigarette was tossed in the trash. Hearold added: ‘Hopefully my kids would not see me do that, or my husband, or other adults. ‘Unfortunately that’s a reality we have now.’ A school spokesman said: ‘The safety and integrity of students and families is paramount. ‘As a school community, we have concern about the national vaping epidemic, especially when we see the impact on our Franklin students and families. ‘We are continuously working to stay on top of the latest findings and expert recommendation.’   https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/16/boy-7-caught-vaping-cannabis-oil-class-shocked-teacher-10931623/   Bongme 
    • bongme
      hi   The pre-licence for cultivating medical cannabis in Portugal   The Portuguese team of Cannexpor Pharma now possess the legal right for cultivating medical cannabis in Portugal. We are delighted to announce that the Portuguese subsidiary of Cannexpor Pharma has obtained a pre-licence for cultivating medical cannabis in Portugal!
      Cultivating medical cannabis in Portugal   Regardless of strict approach to applicant selection and more than 100 existing applicants, INFARMED, Portugal’s licensing authority, has confirmed that the Portuguese team of Cannexpor Pharma possesses the right to cultivate up to seven tons of cannabis flower for the first year and up to 30 tons over the next five years. The cannabis cultivation will take place in the region of Coimbra, where both greenhouse and outdoor cultivation is planned. The production cycle will meet GACP and GMP standards, so that the cannabis products can be freely distributed within the EU market. According to existing expectations, the first finished product is expected to be exported in the second or third quarter of 2020.
      Open for collaboration   Cannexpor Pharma are grateful to all the parties that have contributed to the process of creating the whole project, and in particular to their potential customers, who already have confidence in their project.   The company is open for new enquiries regarding future cooperation, investment and supply of cannabis products. For further information regarding the company contact Cannexpor Pharma under the following email: portugal@cannextra.eu
      About Cannexpor Pharma Cannexpor Pharma is an EU-based group of companies with Portuguese, German and Polish offices, that strive to build a fully integrated cannabis supply chain, from cultivation to distribution of cannabis products to European patients.   Despite a relatively short presence in the EU market so far, the Cannexpor Pharma team has recruited the most goal-oriented cannabis experts who aim to shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe.   https://www.healtheuropa.eu/the-pre-licence-for-cultivating-medical-cannabis-in-portugal/94113/   Bongme