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Growroom Photo's

Growrooms and mum boxes in progress.

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    • Smokebelch
      I decided to buy a new camera to go with my new laptop and I thought I would do the right thing and get it from a small independent retailer. I got mucked around for nearly a week and ended up getting it refunded and buying it from Jessops, I ordered it at 5pm on Tuesday and was with me at 10am Thursday morning.   Its a very complicated camera for me as I was using my phone before but I like the challenge and over the next few months hopefully I can get to grips with all its features and functions. The shots I took today are a vast improvement on my iPhone but I know the camera is capable of way better. Its taken me all day to get to grips with basics and all evening to get these few photos so for this evening I am focusing on my Purple Moby Dicks and will do updates on the others over the next few days.   Overall the grow is coming along nicely, all 6 plants are well into flower now at day 29. They are still getting fed Fish Mix, Algamic and the last few feeds I have given them all 1ml of Bloom. this week they have all had a feed of Epsoms Salts 2 tablespoons per 10 litres.  
    • newbeeedinburgh
      Hi guys im looking for some help on this strain. I've got one of this going outdoor in UK. Approximately after how long this plant should produce tricomes. Their white hairs barely  start browning. They were germinated on 5 of May and plant it on 8 of May.  
      Love the information you've shared. Thanks so much. Next one I'm going with soil then after that you've twisted my arm to go hydro . It is exactly that for me. Maintenance of the general running and checking every other day as you say.  Hydro seems easier to stick to the kiss methods I see on here Thanks again  Lover
    • vince noir rock n roll star