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    • BullBill
      I was having an issue similar with my parabolic, it ended up being caused by negative pressure touching the sides of the parabolic, trapping heat in the process.   I bought 4 1.2m budbox replacement bars from the bay. Drilled through each end of the bars and tiewrapped them to my tent. Problem solved.
    • woody2shoes
      I have a fairly minimal amount of stress in my life, and consider myself lucky for that reason. I started smoking cannabis around the age of 15. Not because of environmental stresses, just because it was 'cool' I carried on smoking it because I really liked the effect, for about 20 years. I had a decade break due to random testing and needing to put food on the table, with no problem. I have never had a mental illness that I could attribute to cannabis. I I I...   The boy in the original article was broken for some reason. I'm going with the 'He self medicated' route. Some folk self medicate with booze, some with soap operas, some with porn. We're all human, some deal with that fact better than others.  
    • OldFord
      The return home after a long work trip has been a lot more rewarding this time !!    No brown candy floss plants     The larger plants are all Sweet Seeds Auto Blow Minds  -  1 ready to come down this weekend and the others a few weeks away.    The smaller plants are Sweets Seeds Auto Cream Mandarin  -  my fav auto around by far.      The 2 headed fem is a freak that did it all by itself and looks to be very healthy -  she is a TH Seeds Strawberry Glue and the seeds was approx 3yrs old     The rose is something the mrs is working on as she breeds lily's and roses and right now the smell is covering the greenhouse until you get within 10ft      Inside and around the greenhouse is simply divine with citrus & berry smells and a pungent weed undertone.      A group shot of the Sweet Seeds family for good measure.       I have 1 more Auto Blow Mind thats very different but im saving the pics to see how she develops.  
    • Breezus
      Ok I can't read Dutch, WTF does it say