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    • vince noir rock n roll star
    • mad elf
      Coming on nicely  
    • Arthur Mix
      @J Trich I understand as I do farm work mainly pigs sheep and goats.  The seeds went straight into fridge with all the others that had no problem.  If I had this with animals I would stop breeding with them Like when a sow has calcified embryos you change the male it could have been late in cycle if it happens again it’s sow has problems. ... these the only seeds I have had fail this amount in many years ...so maybe they was miss managed before I got them.  Just odd two of us who grow regular normally with no issues have same issues same time ... it not bother to me tbh i just document what happens   odd how everything else germed though is it not ???  To say it my error is a bit  imo especially when other generics from you where fine 
    • Smokebelch
      @golf.007 Nice looking nugs dude. Glad to see yours went purple, I hope mine do too.