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    • Kipper420
      Welcome aboard.
    • xiomarasolid
      Guys, you see this? are seeds of these https://semillasbaratas.com/es/semillas-autoflorecientes/autoflorecientes-a-granel/, for now they go very well what do you see, are ak 47 auto  
    • twigs
      haven't GWP got a 99% thc plant they've patented.?   i can't believe no-ones got in there to get some clones.. yet..
    • It's not oregano
      Another happy customer here. Picked up my light on Friday (would never have found it without directions, and i’ve lived only a few miles away for 50 years and must have driven past hundreds of times lol). Had a good chat and a brew and came away with something that is way better built than anything that I could have done. A really neat and tidy build. Got 3x Samsung 2’ double row strips on a hlg-120-48a. Bought to replace my diy led lightbulb grow light that was about 7” height in total, the new strip light is only 1” high! In a cabinet that is only 32” HIGH IN TOTAL, that is a massive space saving. Temps are roughly 5-6c lower than the bulbs, heatsinks aren’t even warm to the touch! I have put a pc fan blowing down to try and warm the plants up, and might even have to put the driver inside the cab to raise the heat, the lights are that much more cooler than the lightbulbs. Will be fantastic in summer!  Did the old ‘look at this when i turn it on’ trick to the wife....... turns out our settee is quite comfortable to sleep on overnight. Also turns out she can call me names/swear for over a minute without repetition or pauses. Tried to upload some pics but having problems resizing on my phone. Will try and upload some tomorrow when i can get on a pc.