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    • Jimboo
      Steppenwolf - Don't Step On The Grass, Sam Steppenwolf - The Pusher
    • MicroDoser
      Probably a bit late as you have already bought it but I have heard good things about 'Sol-Stix' (fairly new) and quantum boards.   The LED market is changing so fast though that whatever you buy today, there will be better available for the same price in six months. Like the drone market right now.   Don't let that stop you buying, don't let that make you regret what you have bought.   You have a light, your plants will grow, you will get the benefit you want.   Don't let FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) ruin your enjoyment of your light.   Always investigate a product, the competition, and reviews before buying, never after. Don't look until you want to buy again.   If your current light is OTT you can dial them down on some models which makes them more efficient as a bonus.
    • The lone stoner
      I saw a video on the migrow yt channel which got me interested in their lights, I wonder what @diyleduk reckons to them?
    • inapond13
      That Quick Critical looks awesome, really healthy and nice buds forming.  I hope that she survives the wind.  Good luck...