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    • GreengoStarr
      That's the one.  Cheers mate!
    • Joint hogger
      if you can stick the box fan in a loft then that's what I'd go for, it will be nosier than the isomax but once on a fan controller, it'll be about the same, also, dont forget to use acoustic ducting if there's nosy neighbors about.
    • Conspiranought
      Nope. Just bought an electric guitar though . They seem a lot easier than acoustics imo. I prefer the acoustic though tbh. E2a: I know this thread isn't about electric guitars, just saying like
    • ilikebigbuds
      I'm seeing some light green in between the veins on the leaves. Indication of a light magnesium deficiency there along with what looks to be a calcium deficiency, the leaf necrosis/brown spotting. Possibly your custom made nutrients are prepared so the use of their cal mag is required? Not sure I haven't used growers ark but I have heard really good things about them and I've seen that quite few of the guys on here that been at it a while have switched it up to this company. As for PH I wouldn't worry I don't adjust mine and never any problems. My ph out the tap is 7.5 and 0.036 ec. Hope this helps mate