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    • blackpoolbouncer
    • colboyxx
      There are plenty of kits available at all different prices and specs, my advice is to do as much reading on this site as you can, make sure you know what each item is doing for you and then choose equipment to suit your needs, all people's setups are different with different needs, read up, get your grow in your head and buy accordingly. Can't stress enough, READ, READ AND MORE READING TILL YOU GET IT, most full kits have everything to get you started bud, good luck with your first grow, your in the right place for help.
    • Rampa Green
      Yes sorry for the too early advice. I misread how young they were still.  I  agree with the others to keep it on till they have a few leaves on them.   
    • Davey Jones
      I remember years ago me and two mates had a joint and I had to go somewhere important afterwards   It was a gorgeous spring day and we smoked this joint and it hit me hard as fuk   Just as I was leaving I said to these lads   Do I look stoned to you?   They both just burst out in fits of laughter pointing at me and repeating the question in a stupid voice     The fukers walked away pissing them selves laughing muttering the words ''do i look stoned to you''   Apparently I looked really stoned   Fukin cunts