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    • nl5
      Would be wise to clean out any traces of soil from the pots infested plants have been in then.. I may aswel sterilise everything. To hell with round 2 with them  
    • dirtdog
      Watched Three billboards the other night and really rated it. Quirky dark comedy with interesting characters,good dialogue and some piss funny scenes. 8/10.
    • Marthur Ix
      Bit late doing a diary for this grow, better late than never..Trying to get used to an IPad after years of laptops  few hours later I have pics uploaded  .. The cupboard is 1200 wide  800 deep and 1600 low ..the lighting is a hps 250w in a turkey tin as @Golden Syrup calls it, thing is he is right,back when I got it was the only shade for smaller spaces that I saw.. On the other side are two 75w Grownorthern hs1's. I used to be fully led but the 150w Hans panel has a dry joint somewhere so I use the hps till I repair I tor I may get a 315w cmh...   Day 34 of flower flipped on Dec 18th , I had to pull the last crop as I fucked up which entailed in unwanted visitors as always turned out to be nothing but at the time was best to cut them down.. So this is where I am at now I have one sweet cheese, one creme mandarin and six Ganesh spirit.. It is @Hiphipfault I growing Ganesh spirit he was right though not sure why others do not run it...They are being fed on GHE Flora Nova Bloom at EC 1.6 . Ph 6.0. They are in five ltr hempy buckets...   On my way! Far I am happy with how it going have two distinct pheno of Ganesh three short and three that kept growing up no matter how much I bent they stand back up  ...btw I must thank sweet seeds for the seeds from grower of the month in last years comp...   Ganesh spirits ..     cream mandarin      sweet cheese.    hps side      grow northern hs1 side     how owe it looks together       thats it it for now till next time take it easy. 
    • CN1984
      Hi people. I’m having critical mass clones next few days 8 of the muthafukkas. Has anyone any idea how many weeks flower time they are. And if they give decent yields? Any information will me much appreciated thanks